My granddaughter graduated from high school this year, and there seemed to be a lot of jubilance as hats were thrown skyward. It brought back memories of
my graduation as well as my daughters' and that empty cold feeling that makes your legs wobble and a mixture of feelings flow through your body as tears "just flow" ....a sleepless night most generally follows. I think it is the first loss of a child a mother feels as she realizes she has a "grown" child and she is never prepared for it.....the next one is the day your child marries. They are anticipated days of joy for the child and the parents yet once again comes those unexpected erruptions of feelings.

I wish only that my granddaughters dreams will come true and that she achieves success and happiness in whatever she chooses as her lifes' work. So congratulation Meghan, Neema and Poppa love and are proud of you. Contgratulations also to Michelle and Chris for their expert guidance, love and parental upbringing in a job "well done".


When an artist submits designs to a magazine such as Painting, PaintWorks, SDP, Create and Decorate, etc. and the design is accepted for publication....the artist signs a contract with the publishing magazine and the copyright of the magazine superscedes the artists' copyright guidelines for approximately 6 months. When the artist publicates the piece in one of her own pattern packets and you purchase such packet their own copyright comes in to play.

When an artist has a book published the publishing company of the book controls the copyright and NOT the designing artist even though she is the designer. This remains the case forever.....the designers' personal copyright does not apply.

Whenever in doubt regarding a copyright or you have a question, do not be intimidated by an "accuser". Go directly to the publisher of the magazine or artist and get your information "right from the horses mouth". They are the only ones who will provide you with the correct information. Do not be intimidated by "anyone" other than the ORIGINAL artist and even then investigation pays off as some are "intimidators", so beware.

Most of the designing artists are wonderful to work with and will answer all of the questions you have or they will refer you to someone who can supply you with the information you request, are courtesous and friendly.

Work In Progress

We moved into our house here in Oregon about 5 years ago and it has been a work in progress as we have no intention of moving.

I like things that are different and am always thinking of things to do which helps to make our home uniquely ours.

We had a "flood" in our kitchen from a rusted part in the dishwasher which required new flooring and I wanted to put up a new light at one end of the kitchen but wanted something different. Over my sink I have an old window hung from the ceiling with roosters on top as well as some silk leaves. So....the lamp fixture I found in Portland and loved that it "hung" down and was silver to match the appliances....but I wanted " more" different.

After a lot of thought I decided to go to a store which is unique here in Bend called Real Deals. They change their product decor about 6 times a year. I found a great LARGE burgendy metal red star.... (I should also tell you that my ceiling in this area of the kitchen slants at about a 33 degree angle) . Thanks to my husband and his son it is up, functioning and I am pleased as punch. It just adds another special touch to our kitchen. (I have some camera flash shading where the ceiling and wall meet....but actually shows the true color of my kitchen and ceiling which is a green/yellow/goldish color.....rather than the light yellow which is seen up closer to the star)
Next is a new counter top and french doors out onto our patio porch. Little bit, by little bit.

Who puts the O in donut

There is NO question in my mind that this has to be VOODOO donut out of Portland, Oregon. I oppted for a raspberry filled powdered sugar donut reminiscent of my early childhood and believe me they DID NOT let me down. It was the best donut I have EVER had and as I sit here writing this I am salivating for another and will DEFINATELY be going back on our next outing. They had donuts that were voodoo doll shaped and it was fun to give them a little voodoo stabbing and a maple iced glazed with bacon on top. Me.......I will be purchasing a dozen of the raspberry powdered sugar. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

They are open from 6AM to 3AM 7 days of week and we waited IN LINE for about 30 minutes which is normal.....there is always a line we were told by a couple who live in Portland and come on a regular basis....and yes, it was worth the wait.

Summer Fling

This is one of my designs that I have painted on a heart shaped wooden plate using Matisse tube acrylic paints. I love white lilacs, straw hats, ribbons and roses so it was natural for me to paint all of these together. It is a "cool" design and just breathes the freshness of an early spring day.

Multomah Falls, Oregon

Multomah Falls in Oregon outside of Portland may not be the prettiest of the falls found in the state but they are a spectacular site. These are the lower falls below the bridge portion. The time of day and sun prohibited me from a good picture "take" of the upper falls area. The wind was also blowing so there was a lot of mist. I am happy with this photo which will go into my paintng reference file for a later date as it provided some features which will help me with some learning techniques.

Other Artists Designs

Gene Waggoner is one of my newest found artists and I am loving his designs. This is one of his designs which was an "extra" so I got to use my own artistic license when I painted it; which I normally do even when
an artist provides their palette of colors.

I painted this piece on a small 4" x 6" Sharks canvas, then matted in green and framed in white.

I love reading the techniques of these great artists of yesterday, their instructions, colors they use, and as with Gene the MANY learning bits of information that he provides. A beginning student can learn a lot from this gentleman who is from Oregon.

Although Gene uses oils it is easy to follow and convert the instructions as well as the colors into acrylics when using artist grade tube acrylics in one of the widely used brands.

(In one of his books he did a design of the Psycho house which I will do one of these days as it is just the neatest).

In the town in PA where I was born and raised there are a LOT of old Victorian homes with gingerbread galore so I was delighted to find Genes books to kinda practice and get some experience before I start with my own designs. Learning his views on perspective, etc. I will be going back this summer for 2 weeks and my camera will be clicking away.

To the best of my knowledge I think Gene has 5 books. The first couple are published by Sue Scheewe and are in the 80's. Every once in awhile you can find his books on Ebay, which is where I found and purchased mine to add to my collection.

I am presently working on another of his "free designs".

Acrylic Drying Time

I have never painted in oil other than Genesis so to compare the two mediums is something I cannot do other than to say I found frustration with the SLOW drying time of the Genesis and forever having to "dry". Once you have blended something it is I have never fully understood the reason why one needs to have a 3 day open time? I also have found in conversing with some of the women who do work in oils...their major COMPLAINT is the open that it is TOO long. I guess it all depends on the artist which is something that I have always understood but other artists feel that the only GOOD artist is an oil artist.

Brenda Harris carries a line of 3 Mediums that I LOVE. Slow Blend, White Blend and Clear Blend and I have found that these mediums really allow for a smooth transistion of colors when blending, shading and highlighting giving you quite a bit of open time which, for me, seems to be just about the right amount and if I need to speed up the time I have a very small travel hair dryer at my station that does the job in ample time. I have been using her mediums for about 4 years. I don't use them ALL the time but when I need them, I need them, and I have them to grab. Brenda also has some gorgeous pattern packets and her use of a sea sponge for creating foliage is worth a video.

Another medium that I have recently begun using for different "effects" is JoSonjas retarder and antiquing medium which also has its place on my paint table and is wonderful for layering color. I love using washes/tints of transparent colors. This can be easily accomplished using Clear Blend without having to purchase special products.

I am one of those painters who feels that different mediums have special uses so I don't "stick" to just one for EVERYTHING. I don't feel such a medium has been made to provide this luxerious freedom and I have a tendency to stay clear of "hype" and use what works the best for me.

Sharks Primed Canvas Panels

I never really liked painting on canvas because of the nubbies and having to Gesso........ I like to "just paint".

About 4-5 years ago I ran across an Ebay seller who made primed canvas panels in extra fine and medium texture. On the back was a pre printed paper for the artists information: Title, Artist, Medium, Signature, Date and Website.

I decided to place an order for the Extra Fine and have been re-ordering on a regular basis ever since. I LOVE them and have no interest in working with other brands since finding these.

The largest size right now are 9" x 12" . If I need a larger size canvas I buy and cut hardboard and use this.

Hang on to your hat as he also does 2" x 2" inchies as well as other small sizes,
and ATC's (which I just love).

When painting small it is hard on regular canvas to get nice straight lines but with the extra fine it is not a problem. All of the ATC's I paint for selling are done on these and when matted and framed they are just beautiful.

I have been purchasing ATC size to 9" x 12" and have a nice array of sizes and
just love working on canvas now.


SO: will get you to the Ebay site ....

Birch Trees

My daughter and her husband are doing a remodel in their small bathroom and living room. Today Michelle was ready for me to begin the birch trees in her bathroom behind the door....and as you can see my "Pru" was not one to be left out....she is always by my side and is most definately my "little buddy". So she was the first to "use the sink" and remained with me until I decided to stop.

I worked about 4 hours and then had to "call it quits". Mom just isn't what she used to The trees go from the floor baseboard to the top baseboard. I still have foliage to add and more shading and highlighting; but for now she will have to pretend it is either fall or

I really enjoy doing wall murals and wish my body were a bit more limber and I a tad younger.

"Made My Day"

My daughter and I were driving to Portland today for an Ikea shopping trip and both of us noticed the bumper sticker of the car ahead of us at the same time which was proudly displayed on the back window of her SVU and just totally made our day. It read:
It was GREAT to see a regular Christian bumper sticker.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.