Work In Progress

We moved into our house here in Oregon about 5 years ago and it has been a work in progress as we have no intention of moving.

I like things that are different and am always thinking of things to do which helps to make our home uniquely ours.

We had a "flood" in our kitchen from a rusted part in the dishwasher which required new flooring and I wanted to put up a new light at one end of the kitchen but wanted something different. Over my sink I have an old window hung from the ceiling with roosters on top as well as some silk leaves. So....the lamp fixture I found in Portland and loved that it "hung" down and was silver to match the appliances....but I wanted " more" different.

After a lot of thought I decided to go to a store which is unique here in Bend called Real Deals. They change their product decor about 6 times a year. I found a great LARGE burgendy metal red star.... (I should also tell you that my ceiling in this area of the kitchen slants at about a 33 degree angle) . Thanks to my husband and his son it is up, functioning and I am pleased as punch. It just adds another special touch to our kitchen. (I have some camera flash shading where the ceiling and wall meet....but actually shows the true color of my kitchen and ceiling which is a green/yellow/goldish color.....rather than the light yellow which is seen up closer to the star)
Next is a new counter top and french doors out onto our patio porch. Little bit, by little bit.

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