This photo turned out so pretty I wanted to "share it".    And remember you can find something to take an awesome photo of without leaving your home.  Some of most favorite photos were taken right here......

Have a great day everyone.

65th Birthday Bracelet

For my 65th birthday I received a gorgeous handmade bracelet not only from my daughter but much to my surprise and delight from my granddaughter who is 19 and joining in the beading area with her mother making these gorgeous weaved tube Pandora beads.  My daughter's shop on Etsy is Dragynsfyre where she sells her lampwork beads and beading accessories and Meghan's
shop name is DragynGirl.   Why does DragynMom not sound good at all? 

So the photo below shows my beautiful Pandora bracelet that I have wanted for quite some time.  The handloomed Pandoras are done by Meghan and the matching lampwork by Michelle along with the Tierra Cast Pandora spacers which are sold on Michelles Etsy site.  I just LOVE it.

Art Show

This morning my daughter and I went to a fantastic art show/faire along the banks of the Deshutes River here in Bend.

It was HOT, HUMID, and SMOKY, and most of the vendors as well as the "viewers" had
thrown off sandals and were walking in the cool, plush grass to find some relief at  least fo rour feet.

Every year they have this particular Artist Faire and I love going.  The turn out this year was awesome...and people appeared to be buying and enjoying.  What really stood out for me was the interaction between people, the laughter, and the amount of art that was whimsical...notice I did not say cutsey...  To me there is a big difference.
The one photographer artist and the metal sculpture artist were getting a lot of positive feedback from the crowd....and they were loving what they were seeing.  It
seemed good to see the freshness in art...  I do not believe that there was an artist
there who was doing fine art.  I believe it is getting to the "point" where people may want their art to be more of a reflection of "who they are", what they find humorous,
and love to see the mix of materials and creativity by the artist.   There is sure individuality and to recreate is almost impossible...much of the art that was displayed was truly one of a kind.  And the men, what a surprise to hear them talking excitedly with their wife or companion regarding the altered art pieces...they were loving it.  There was laughter and not that hushed silence that we remember from art galleries of yesteryear...the stiff, ridgid art.  

The Art Galleries here in Bend are on fire....but once again the art is very different and new artists are on board as well as artists who have bent with the time, the era, the demands of the buyers.  Giclees still seem to be popular but I have heard that they are also on the way out.  People want originals.  They want small, and lower prices.  They want pieces that are eclectic and will blend rather than art that is trendy.

This year I purchased a couple of pieces "for me" whereas I am usually buying Christmas gifts for "others".  One piece is a mixed media (Rooster for my kitchen) painting and the other is a photograph that could be described several different ways.  I see it as a form of steampunk, another would say it was political, and some identify with what is being done, so they are very versatile pieces.  Both of the pieces that I purchased came matted so I am anxious to find frames and get them up down here in my studio.  Both are unusual in size so I will have to either make a frame or find one at Michaels as they carry odd sizes in one section of the store.  This is another difference.  Art is not being seen as "framed art".  I saw gallery canvas but art that people could purchase and frame as "they" want rather than having the added expense of a frame that they don't really care for, doesn't go with the wood in their home, or possibly they prefer displaying on an easel. 

I did purchase a birthday gift for my husband to put along our pond/waterfall.  A piece of mixed media metal sculpture of a "road runner"  (using "tools")  and those who know my hubby know why this applies perfectly.  lol.

I also enjoyed observing the "observers" and artists' dress as it is eclectic and just as
exciting as the vendors art.  This year was no exception.  Most of the colors were
muted mauves, purples, and grey.... along with neon green being seen a lot.  Clothes
were loose fitting and comfy.....YIPPEE......

I thought it would be fun to share these artists with you my blogging friends as you sit in the comfort of your own home.  I have noticed that a couple of the vendors also have an Etsy site which is exciting..........

I was surprised to see no steampunk jewelry.  I hope it is not on its way out....It has been around for about 4 years and is nothing new....but maybe there are just not many designing along this venue of jewelry.  Most of the elements that are used are found items, repurposed and different so most of the buying is not done so much from a retail vendor but from garage and estate sales, thrift and antique stores, Etsy and using items not generally being seen used as a jewelry component.

Handpainted Flattened Tablespoon

I really enjoy "outside the box" painting surfaces.  When I found these  flattened sterling silver tablespoons at a flea market when we were traveling a few weeks ago I picked up every one the vendor had for sale and was thrilled to death.    Tonight I finally found time to get one painted (which was a feat in itself as my right thumb is in a splint) .   I love winter scenes, the moon, evergreen trees, water, and the color

Originality in Journals and Sketch Books

I love sketch books but prefer mine to be one of a I  have decided that I am going to make my own  front covers which is half the fun in my opinion.  Paint, mixed media, maybe a title, etc.   I also have purchased a couple from artists who do one of a kind pieces.  

You can use material, watercolor paper, tissue paper, ribbons and weave your cover, layered, encaustic.  With an artists' mind the sky is the limit. 

There is one that I just recently purchased which is small....and wider than it is tall which is just perfect for quick little quotes, sayings, or maybe just a word and than a sketch....  I loved the size, the cover and that the entire journal was handmade and bound by the artist.

I just recently purchased a piece of equipment which will spiral bind so soon I hope I can make a complete original piece.  You could use magnets to "close" or perhaps a beautiful ribbon that will wind around the book several times with some charms or lampwork on the end.  I love the little books that can be made that will open several different ways. 

I have a friend who makes handmade papers...and I have several pieces which she generously gave to me a while back... she is most definately an artist in her field.  I intend to use some of her papers in a journal along with some of her original hand marbled  feathers.       

ATC 3 1/2" x 5" Portrait Grade Fine Art Canvas Panels

I have a design in the October issue of Paint Works magazine titled Witch-y Wardrobe which uses a fine grade of canvas,  hand stretched on a canvas board.  The canvas is Portrait Grade and once you paint on these you will fall in love.  The nubs are practially nil.

The ATC size (quanity of 3) has been added to my Etsy selling site  or you can order from me directly by sending me an email @ 

(Also available are the  5" x 7" panels in this same fine grade canvas) 

The back of each of these panels  has a fantastic little typed label where you can add in information regarding your painted piece.

Size Challenge

Last summer a man up the street who had purchased several of my painted pieces inquired as to if I would be willing to paint a saw for he and his wife.  I love painting on saws so I immediately agreed to do so.

Just today, he brought the saw to me....holey moley....  I like big, love doing murals but I have to say that this will be the longest horizonal piece I have ever done. 

He wants a cow, fence, cabin, barn "maybe a mountain", elk and a pond.... and of course the background trees.  He has the item all sanded, primed and ready for me which I am extremely glad for as this is a sharp piece.  He has another one that is smaller he would like me to do for a family Christmas gift.

This will be a lot of fun .... even though he has stated what he would like to see,
he has still given me a lot of free reign in designing.  I am anxious to begin.

Relating to Art

How one relates to art is "personal".  We all see art differently and it most generally relates directly to where we are in our own life and love of art.

Blobs of paint on a canvas takes us to a different level than looking at a masterpiece....  One is free formed and the other tends not to leave much to the imagination.  Sometimes it is fun to let our "inner child" come out and be playful as we observe anothers' art.  It could be something we like or something we just can't see, but it is personal....and should not reflect upon the artists' ability or non is their expression in art form.  Art sometimes is very controversial;
once again our personal opinion becomes formed...and in talking to others who might have more insight could be the key to changing or reinforcing  our first opinion.

I personally love art that is not straight forward.  Maybe this is why I love the world of altered art, of inner expression.  I love art/painting which are not rigid and straight forward, but leaves room for me to enter and wonder and lets me become a participant. 


Creativity and the release of creativity tends to be different with different people.  I love to interact with other artists who are as dedicated to "art" and have the same interests that I do.  I do not feel that I am selfish with my art.....I love to share what I know, how I do things, what works for me and listen to others who are also willing to unselfishly share their excitement, findings and

There are many forms of art that interest me.  Painting is my first love followed by photography, and mixed media preferably leaning towards assemblage. 

My creativity comes from conversation with others, letting my mind wander, going to art galleries, etc.  It comes from participation and sometimes  alone-ness.  (Is this a word?)   Art is also a part of my dreams at night so it has become important for me to keep pencil, paper and a flashlight beside my bed. 
Creativity also comes from sharing a new procedure, a new product, a new artist,  technique, solving a problem, etc.  A bonding of artistic souls who are all headed in the same direction...and the willingness to work together as a group and alone.   I love to take a product/topic of conversation and explore it's use, options, etc.  The exploration of a brand or item which provides the easiest accomplishment not only for me but for others.  We are all different so what works can also be different and helping to find this for others and myself would  have to be the ultimate high in a day---- that good feeling that spreads inside....

I love exploration and really miss my California students.....their enthusiasm sparked mine....their excitement sparked me, and their accomplishments made me feel so good, so alive.  And I thank each one of them for the sharing of art that we seemed to have together.

Am I the only soul who has these goals? 

Happy "arting"............

Rose Portfolio

I just finished painting this leather portfolio to put onto my Etsy site.  I love using the FA Enamel paints as they dry with a semi-gloss and cure in about 28 days.  The paints seem like they just absorb into the leather and just do a wonderful job when you cannot finish spray a piece in the case of leather, vinyl, etc.   When I haven't painted for awhile I like to begin with freehand painting roses and ribbons on a piece as it limbers me up a bit and I get immediate satisfaction as the design works up quickly for me.

Fantastix by Tsukineko

Today while looking for something entirely different I ran across this item and decided it was worth a try as I am a "glutton" when it comes to "help" items when I can see the need or use in the art mediums I work in.

The package says "absorbant" and "resuable" and is a coloring "tool" for wet and dry media great for:  Chalking, fabric painting, bleaching, glueing, watercolor, acrylics,  blending, touch ups and accenting, etc.

The ones I have purchased are Brush points but they also come in blunt point and as you can see there are 6 in a package for under $5 , plus my 40% off coupon so affordable.

If you want to read more about this and other items they might have of interest to to:

The Long Road Home

I guess I am a homebody at heart because coming home seemed like a long way....  HOME.  Familiar surroundings, friends, family, day to day life living, my own bed and pillow, my "things", my artisan friends and groups/members who inspire, motivate, and fuel my inner child.   It was a contemplating time, time to let my mind wander and think about things...and I enjoyed the freedom of thoughts.  I am glad to be me.



Gallery Glass Paints

Recently I was on an artists' site who was doing faux Cloisione' using Deco-Art glass paints.  I found it interesting but didn't have any Deco-art brand to work with so I pulled out my Gallery Glass of which I have a lot of as I love doing the faux stained glass on old windows.

My first look was to see if I could clean up my brushes with water or if I would have to invest in some additional brushes.....WATER CLEANUP...

I had a steno pad coverlette that I had purchased and painted laying by me so I decided to give the Gallery Glass a try.  The first bottle I pulled out was Copper Sparkle.  I went over the darker part of the rose with it, which worked fine but I didn't really see a lot of change.  Then I decided to slip slap the color around the rose and leaves and actually paint a few leaves with the paint.

You decide. 
What I ended up with was a wash effect which gives the indication of background foliage.....I like it so I will be continuing to experiment with them and also get a couple of colors in the DecoArt to compare.  I really like the Copper Sparkle as you get a no color least you do on the micro type black material cover so one has to take both of these elements into consideration.  (BTW, this little book is my constant companion.  I love that it is small, protected and pretty.)  I have a leather larger cover so I am going to experiment on this next with some different colors and see what the results are.

In touching where I painted it is not stiff and the sparkle part of the Copper Sparkle is there; minimal and pretty.  


This little puppy HAS to be painted, he just cries for the paintbrush and canvas...he is the cutest, most playful, infectious little guy.  He is a cross of I think 3 different breeds so he is a "mutt" but ohhhhhhhhh what a mutt.  I know he is part poodle and part Shitz Tzsu but I can't remember the other mix....but just look at his askew LONG hair on his ears and face and how sparse and white it is....  I am thinking to start with a black canvas and then built up the light colors...  WHAT A PICTURE....


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.