Gallery Glass Paints

Recently I was on an artists' site who was doing faux Cloisione' using Deco-Art glass paints.  I found it interesting but didn't have any Deco-art brand to work with so I pulled out my Gallery Glass of which I have a lot of as I love doing the faux stained glass on old windows.

My first look was to see if I could clean up my brushes with water or if I would have to invest in some additional brushes.....WATER CLEANUP...

I had a steno pad coverlette that I had purchased and painted laying by me so I decided to give the Gallery Glass a try.  The first bottle I pulled out was Copper Sparkle.  I went over the darker part of the rose with it, which worked fine but I didn't really see a lot of change.  Then I decided to slip slap the color around the rose and leaves and actually paint a few leaves with the paint.

You decide. 
What I ended up with was a wash effect which gives the indication of background foliage.....I like it so I will be continuing to experiment with them and also get a couple of colors in the DecoArt to compare.  I really like the Copper Sparkle as you get a no color least you do on the micro type black material cover so one has to take both of these elements into consideration.  (BTW, this little book is my constant companion.  I love that it is small, protected and pretty.)  I have a leather larger cover so I am going to experiment on this next with some different colors and see what the results are.

In touching where I painted it is not stiff and the sparkle part of the Copper Sparkle is there; minimal and pretty.  

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