Wayne Putnam bowls 265 game

Our grandson in Pennsylvania bowled a high game of 265 this past Saturday....he has become quite the bowler.  I think he is working up to a 300.....  Goodness.  I can barely pick up a ball let alone throw it down an alley, and hit pins wayyyyy down at the end.... 

April 25, 2012

Goodness, but our weather has been gorgeous......Today we ate lunch on the porch....worked
at starting myself an herb garden on the porch in containers, and Larry was busy cleaning the pond, painting the bottom, refilling and putting the 2 salamanders and baby catfish back in that survived the winter beneath ice.  The back yard is raked, mowed, fertilized, and looks spiffy.  After not
having a spring last year this year it is even more special and appreciated.  A daffodil is out, the peony bush is really pushing through the ground, the fruitless cherry is leafed out and ready soon to blossom....and the clicking Aspen will be leafing soon.  I love to see things spring forth and I am hoping for the black iris to bloom again this year.  And the birds, omgoodness, how they are chirping, and flying, building their nests in our birdhouses that are scattered throughout the property.....  


Today I worked a bit more on getting the side porch of our home ready for use.....I am hoping to do some painting, jewelry making, etc. out there this year and enjoy the weather and scenery.  All of a sudden I want to to DO the things I always say I am going to do, but somehow never get around to it.  

I will be looking for some new spreads to use on our vintage swing which is farthest in the background and one of the chaise loungers..... Now that I have a router I will be able to take my laptop out there, and I have a vintage table that really expands so that will be great for when I want to work on a project.

Goodness but life is good. 


Tonight was special  because I was able to take a class with a young lady whose work I admired when I had my items in the Gallery in Sunriver.   Kim does HUGE when she works.  She got her start with wall murals and now works on oversized canvas pieces that are wall size.    

I love the way she uses and blends color to get depth so I was excited to see just how she approached her pieces.   There were only 6 in the class which was sad but I am sure that once the word is out she is giving a class she will increase her students.  

This is my finished piece and I wish the Red Moon (the name I gave mine) showed in the photos.  It is very vague (which I love)  and I think with the name it makes viewers look to find it.  I was so pleased that mine turned out as good as it did.  It is the colors of my living room so it will reside  on one of my walls there.  The pussy willows  are one of my favorite spring hellos so I was glad to see that it was to be the subject of the actual art.  

It was fun to get a blending of colors with movement, depth and a little texture.   Now I will be able to take what I learned tonight and adapt the technique in some pieces of my own.  It was a fun evening and I have a new piece of artwork to hang in my living room.

My next "Mottle" will be one I am putting together that will be similar to this as far as how it has been composed but will be Indian Pots and a brick wall that is falling apart..... Have not decided for sure what colors but probably turquoise, adobe red, and beige/browns.  Have my canvas all prepped and waiting.... I have so many ideas.....so I can tell it will be a busy spring/summer.

My patio porch is put together and I am hoping to do a lot of pieces there and enjoy the weather.  It is 80 here today...and gorgeous.  

ETSY Treasury


Check this treasury out......it is so pretty with shades of blue, grey, white. etc.

My Lisa Pavelka Rubber stamp is the Treasury item she chose from my shop.


For those jewelry artists out there who love making their own jewelry or for those who are just beginning to design....  When looking for lamp work beads the key is to buy from artists who are listed as SRA's.
Just googling lamp work beads is NOT the answer to top of the line quality beads.  MANY of the lamp work  beads including the Pandora beads which are quite the rage here where we live are made in large
quanities by children in work houses in other countries i.e.:  China.    The glass is cheap and not the quality of German and Italian glass like Moretti, etc. that the SRA lamp workers are using.   The foreign beads will break easily but the SRA artists anneal their beads in a kiln so you are getting pieces of true quality.   Most of the glass that is made and used here in the USA is made right here on the West Coast because of our resources.

So if you want a top of the line piece go for TRUE artisans.

Another concern is to purchase findings, such as spacers, bead caps, clasps etc. which are LEAD FREE.   Research what you use so that if you are not using pure silver or gold, which is quite costly,
that what you DO purchase is top of the line and lead free.  

Beads by Dragynsfyre SRA and lead free findings by Tierra Cast also sold by Dragynsfyre.


Goodness but these small art journals are "spiffy"...and I had to have one for myself to carry in my purse.

They are made by Lindsey J. who lives in Vermont and sells on Etsy.   www://island trades.etsy.com.  She uses the buttons I sell on MY Etsy site on these little gems....  I close the butterscotch lacing and am anxious for it to arrive.

Buying handmade, and buying from Etsy is a very important "thing" to me.  I LOVE handmade, and supporting artists whenever it is possible.   Small business folks who are trying to support and make a name for themselves, offer top line quality items, and supplement income  in these tough times.

So take a step on over to Etsy and check out Lindseys' handmade journals.  You are in for a real treat.


My step son found a pair of these salvage pieces at an auction and was lucky enough to win the bid.  These were neutral color when he purchased them so he has painted them and has one on both sides
of the main door on an old garage  (original building to the property) and this summer they will hold a
potted plant.  Wish they were mine as they are an awesome find...especially now that they are painted
and have come alive.  I will be anxious to see them once they have the flowers in place.

A Mothers Day Bracelet by Dragynsfyre

My daughter just sent me a picture of this bracelet she designed, made and put on her Etsy site as a Mothers' Day bracelet.  (She has another one on Etsy  that is a gorgeous in blue and silver).  The lamp work pink and white swirled glass beads she torched  in her SunRiver studi with Italian Moretti  glass.  The rest of the components she sells on her Etsy site.  They are top of the line Tierra Cast findings, chain links, clasp, etc.  I love the new swarowski crystal frames...   Oooh la la for the mother who loves Steampunk, the color pink, brass, etc.  So Shabby Chic, French Chic, or just plain Chic.....   I love her work and am fortunate to have quite a few one of a kind, exquisite pieces.   GORGEOUS Michelle.


NECKLACE "Funky Cowboy" Faux Bone Original Design 1 of 1

 Shaped and holes drilled

Making markings, adding embellishments, and embossing.
  • d

  1. This is the finished piece.   My first thought for a name was "Funky Cowboy".  Don't know why but
  2. this just seemed to be where I was heading.  This necklace evolved.  It didn't really come from anything...  It wasn't planned or designed; it just seemed to happen...and that is a good feeling.   I also like the idea that these pieces are one of a kind.  Not something found at a "department store" where there will be thousands....  This piece is "it".   My next piece will be totally different.  I have my mind-set on a bracelet and so until I find time to "do it" I will have time to "think about it". 

  3.   This piece is on it's way to my Etsy site to see if any others out there would be interested in owning something of this nature.    The back of this piece is totally white just as in photo #1 and I realize that this necklace needs to be logged and numbered and signed.  

  4. I chuckled today when one of my husbands' friends was here in the garage with Larry and I brought the piece out in the garage to drill the holes.  He seemed surprised that I knew how to use the tools....and genuinely impressed with what I had done.  Seemed good to have a "critic" whom I know would be truthful with me....that is just the way he is and the way I want a critic to be.    When he saw something I "thought" I was going to use he remarked that he had something in his garage that I might like to use on a piece ......... so sometimes I accumulate "things" from people who want to see it in a piece.  Men seem to like the altered art...maybe because they see some of their items there....like a nut or a washer, etc.  

  5. I hope that what I have done might spark someone else's eye in the same way it sparked mine.  That is art.  Making something for "someone" who identifies.   Everyone won't' like it...I am willing to accept that .  It  will make it special when the someone does find it, likes it and
  6. purchases it.

  7. This was a challenge I have put off for about 6 years......I have had the product this long....and then it was a BINGO....it was time to really set down and "get serious".  'Twas fun.  The afternoon just seemed to fly by and it makes you feel "so good".....  Funny how pain seems to dissipate when it isn't the object 
  8. focused upon......muscles seem to relax, mind wanders and things just seem to fall into place

  9.  I have never used faux bone so this first time was trial and error, but I am pleased with the way it turned out..  The first picture is after the shape was cut out, the holes drilled and then molded slightly to rest slightly away from the body.  Sorta half moon shape.

  10. Next will be a bracelet.  I have a couple of ideas in mind....so it will be interesting to see if it works...  If
  11. it doesn't then it wasn't meant to be....

  12. Fortunately I was able to use the tools, embellishments, etc. that I had along with my husbands power tools...that was a plus.  Men always look at me strangely when I am "looking" in Lowes, Home Depot,
  13. etc. as if I am in their "domain".... I love browsing all of the gadgets, tools etc.  Tools my father used,
  14. tools I grew up with, tools my husband uses.

  15. SO....enjoy   "Funky Cowboy"  1/1 
  16.    and Excuse the numbers over to the side.  I have no idea what I pushed to get them, so don't know how to get rid of them.   It is hard to go to a Mac....but I will get there little bit by little bit.  G-r-r-r-r-r.


I LOVE designing and making jewelry.  It is something I can do while I am watching tv at night which is when this set was conceived.   I think that steampunk or altered art pieces are the most fun.

The three small squares in the bracelet are wood.  The ivory pieces are handmade lamp work triangles from Washington.

The crystals are Sworovski Montana 4mm bicones, the clasp is a watch clasp,  the bale on the necklace focal (which is a regular size domino), and the spacer beads are all Tierra Cast which is sold by Dragynsfyre on Etsy.   The findings are top of the line and the only findings that I use.  

The graphics are steampunk which I have glued on to the pieces...distressed  and rounded the edges..and then I apply 2 coats of a matte sealer to help preserve. 

I am going to make some of the ones I have done into jewelry and some I will just prep so that others can make their own jewelry pieces using their choice of components, clasps, etc.

Pussy Willow Close-up

It has been a LOT of fun this year watching the different stages of the pussy willows....  This closeup shot looks like some type of an animal with spiky hair!!!!!  

Americana DecoArt Glamour Dust Paints

These are MY FAVORITE speciality paints.  With all of the colors available (and some new ones)  I try to think of designs where I can use them....  I am really jazzed about 3 of the new colors which I just received from Viking Woodcrafts.  (Black, Champagne, and Copper).

It is so easy with the glamour dust in paint suspension to get just one single "dust" for somewhere on the end of a toothpick or stylist.  Great for sky stars, sun rays, snow, water, sparkle, eyes....etc.  I don't like a lot of glitter so these are perfect.....

Another Dynasty Brush for Fur, Thin Lines, Grasses, Beards, Hair. ETC.

3/4" Faux Sable Rake brush (172RK) by Dynasty.

Watercolor brushes are known for and made for holding a lot of color in their bristles and since most of the time when doing grasses, fur, beards, etc.  An acrylic paint is watered down to an inky consistency  so it stands to reason that a watercolor brush would work great and guess what?  IT DOES.  I was Extremely  pleased when I used this brush over the weekend on a design I did...... 

After I finished with The Dynasty watercolor rake brush I finished up with the rake filbert that I had cut myself for small jobs (which you can see if you go back a bit on my blog)  and the Dynasty Micron 15/0 extra long detail brush. 

The Watercolor Brush only comes in one size which is a 3/4" so I am hoping that maybe FM will eventually come up with a few other sizes.  The thickness of bristles at the ferrel is a GREAT indication of its ability to "hold" a good reservoir of paint.

Just because a brush is made for a certain medium doesn't mean it can't be used for other mediums as 
well......and this brush is a winner in my book and one I will definitely be adding to my "special brush jar".  

Remember that to effectively use this brush you hold as far to the top of the brush handle as possible, tip the brush back towards you to allow the "reservoir action" to work and  use only the very tips of the bristles using a real light touch onto the surface.   

You can purchase Dynasty and Black gold brushes at http://www.artistbrushstrokes.com


The room where I paint, create, make mistakes, get inspired, talk on the phone, watch the squirrels outside my window, feel the ambiance when the first snow has fallen,  a beautiful summer day,  deer playing in the vacant lot next door.  The privilege of seeing a Grampa and Daddy with Baby Buck and  his first set of antlers being shown how to use them, and a mother deer feeding her twins after eating the corn and bird food mixture we provided.

My room is a place that provides me a short little get away....a mini vacation when I can sit downstairs and actually work for a few hours at a time creating, enjoying, getting away from .....
whatever.....  A place to think about things, solve a problem, do some sketches, play with brushes, color, a new product or even make a decision.

I am always thinking how WONDERFUL it would be if someone professional like HGTV could come in and take what I have done one step further....or picking up where I left off.  I need to 
"get rid of" so that I can find some storage units with shelving,  and or drawers with doors so I can shut  the boxes or small little items away and out of site to give me workspace....something I think every studio area needs  and more is better.

So back to daydreaming,,,,or night dreaming,,,,and thinking of how things can get moved around downstairs to better function......  Guess  I need one of the "Where Women Create" magazines and see what I can come up with.


Today I went to Goodwill looking for a satchel for my crocheting and I always have to "walk the aisles" in lieu of a treasure.  

This vase just jumped out at me.  Nice size, I love white porcelain/ceramic pieces, shape was very pleasing, and the cutwork was so pretty.  I checked the bottom and it was marked 99 cents ...since it was Senior Day  I also got 10% off .... what a steal.  

I have decided it will hold some of my special brushes.  I love having "pretties" where I paint for inspiration and dress up the blotchy area of paint smears, drops, etc.  

Pretty Blue

I have a hollow log beside our pond/waterfall and I purchased these flowers to plant inside the log, or have my husband plant as he has the green thumb in the family.  These are just the most vibrant blue I have ever seen with deep purple undertones.   Until I feel the weather is safe as far as temperature I will keep the flowers inside to enjoy.

I definitely think these will be used in an upcoming painting.


paper creations - the paper crafts magazine with step by step instructions
june 2012 issueJune Issue Sneak Peek!
Our June 2012 issue (on sale April 24th) is packed with creative ideas to keep you busy all spring. Get back to nature and paint our charming Butterfly Gardening Set. Debra Henkener encourages you to let loose and get creative in One Hour Watercolors! Our Rise & Shine Chair will add a breath of fresh air to your home d├ęcor, and Vintage Flower Seed Packets is a perfect way to celebrate the warmth of the changing season.
PaintWorks offers complete painting projects in a variety of mediums and features articles about painting techniques, trends, and decorative painting styles. PaintWorks magazine is available in select stores and on newsstands. Single copies sell for $6.99.

This is a preview of the June 2012 issue.  What could be more spring than a lemon and lemonade?
I have a design called Patina in Time that is published in this issue...and perfect for those looking for a "man" design for Fathers' Day, birthday, etc.  So watch for this issue on your news stand the end of April, beginning of May.
I also have a design that will be in an internet magazine.....geraniums in a pot, matted and framed ATC.
Both designs are done in acrylics.

Just for an FYI....you can usually find PaintWorks magazine at Wal Mart, Barnes and Noble,  Fred Meyer or Kroeger stores.  If you really want to get a particular issue go to:  http://www.PaintWorksmag.com and order directly.  The best bet yet?  Treat yourself to a subscription and support the decorative painting industry.

Artistic clickable Pen Eraser

ADVERTISEMENT from Artisticrenderings.etsy.com

It is difficult to find a GOOD eraser.  There are soooo many of them on the "shelf" and there are so many that don't do much of anything..let alone erase.   Some of the erasers are so not effective that you will find they smear the pencils markings...just what we DON'T need when you draw, trace, sketch, etc.

This is small, short, clickable to advance eraser type pen with  a vibrant, neon, bright orange so that it will never get lost; and if it does it will be easier to locate.  There is an open end at the top so I tied a piece of orange twine on mine. Then I  put a cup hook on my paint shelf and hung it so it is in plain sight.  

These just came in today and from the photo you can see I have used mine, and I love it so felt they were recommendable.  

The erasers are white and  NOT smooth...they are slightly textured which I think is why they don't smear when you "use them" and they actually leave "eraser" that you can brush off, like the older ones of yesteryear. 

If you are interested in trying one jump over to http://www.artisticrenderings.etsy.com

Pussy Willows

I have a weeping pussy willow tree that has been nurtured and this will be the 3rd blooming season for it.
As you can see the pussy willows this year are huge and so reminiscent of the ones I remember as a youngster on the East Coast.  They are so soft and pretty and lets me know that spring "just might" be around the corner.  Time for feeding and fertilizing.  Finding plants, scrubs, trees, etc that our roaming deer will leave alone is a challenge.  
I love the colors of the greys and whites ...  the brown and green stems....and in summer it will be all leafy green with some of the boughs down nearly to the ground.  One of my favorites....

Because it was nearly dark when I took the top photo I clicked on my flash for the 2nd photo and was so surprised with the results when I downloaded it to view.  I shows what is underneath the pretty furry buds....it reminds me of 
corn on the cob....cobs.   It is neat when you take photos and the picture is nothing like you have expected.

Such is art.  The unexpected is the "best".


Paint Colors

I love the Liquitex Soft and Heavy body acrylic paints.  So based on the colors in this line of paints I thought the following might be interesting....

Burnt Umber
All Cadiums
Chronium Oxide
All Whites
Naples Yellow
Raw Umber

Lamp Black
Lemon Yellow
Permanent Green
Yellow Ochre

All Untramarines
Alizarin Crison (cool)
Burnt Sienna
Viridian Green

Cobalt Blue
Ivory Black
Phthalo Blue and Green
Raw Sienna
Prussian Blue

Having this list will also help when "glazing" and building color layers.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.