Another Dynasty Brush for Fur, Thin Lines, Grasses, Beards, Hair. ETC.

3/4" Faux Sable Rake brush (172RK) by Dynasty.

Watercolor brushes are known for and made for holding a lot of color in their bristles and since most of the time when doing grasses, fur, beards, etc.  An acrylic paint is watered down to an inky consistency  so it stands to reason that a watercolor brush would work great and guess what?  IT DOES.  I was Extremely  pleased when I used this brush over the weekend on a design I did...... 

After I finished with The Dynasty watercolor rake brush I finished up with the rake filbert that I had cut myself for small jobs (which you can see if you go back a bit on my blog)  and the Dynasty Micron 15/0 extra long detail brush. 

The Watercolor Brush only comes in one size which is a 3/4" so I am hoping that maybe FM will eventually come up with a few other sizes.  The thickness of bristles at the ferrel is a GREAT indication of its ability to "hold" a good reservoir of paint.

Just because a brush is made for a certain medium doesn't mean it can't be used for other mediums as 
well......and this brush is a winner in my book and one I will definitely be adding to my "special brush jar".  

Remember that to effectively use this brush you hold as far to the top of the brush handle as possible, tip the brush back towards you to allow the "reservoir action" to work and  use only the very tips of the bristles using a real light touch onto the surface.   

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.