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I took a TOUCH DRAWING class several months ago and this is one of the pieces I did on my own a bit differently than was shown afterwards.

I used the Deli Paper but folded it in the middle lengthwise because I wanted a mirror image effect.  Oil paints were used and then just my hands, fingers, to move the paint and create the design....  You have no idea what will "develop" until the paper is lifted from the brayed paint area.  On this piece I also used some metallic silver paint.

Depending on the light and where you stand in the room you will see different impressions left to your imagination to interpret.

I glued the paper onto a canvas gallery print canvas for display....

When doing these I love to light a candle, put on some New Age music, and just be with myself in my own little world of silence.

Some people have seen a dog and others Jesus.....what do you see?

I M Mixed Media Painting

TITLE:       I  M

I enjoy mixed media so this is one of my latest creations.

The inspiration for the piece, design wise, was a photo in a magazine advertising some kind of eye care product and it really spoke to me.

They say that the eyes are the pathways to the I have a feeling because of the title that there will be some sort of a written spiritual addition to the piece.

The corner pieces are 1/8" laser cut wood pieces which I painted black, and of course the Scrabble pieces.  I HATE glue residue showing so I decided to try some nail polish clear harder.... I clamped it and it gave me much better results than I could have achieved with matter how careful I would be.

I  have used acrylic paints on stretched portrait grade canvas that are hand made.  

The little speckles you might see are the DecoArt Americana Glamour Dust  paints as well as Tattered Angels Dazzling Diamonds spray........2 of my favorite products to use.

Painted Cell Phone Case

Using the one stroke technique I painted the plain ole brown leather cover for my phone.  I am so HARD on I needed one to protect my constant dropping and its slipping out of my pocket to ground.....  It only takes about 20 minutes to paint (Max) and helps me to easily identify..
I am going to go to the thrift store and look for a skinny belt and put it through the REALLY tight clip you can see on the back....and then I can carry it as a purse....

Orgone / Organites II

These are the first 3 organites focal pieces (necklaces) I have completed...The first one is Kyanite and the 2nd two are Ammonite and my metal are watch "innards, chain and pins.  I have just finished 2 lemurian crystal dog bone focals and thinking about what I want to do next.....  Relaxing and fun.

ATC Landscape

I Love ATC's.
This is a landscape I just finished using a custom made portrait grade
canvas board....they are my favorites...  I am not a fan of nubby canvas when doing landscapes.  I still have my splint on but am allowed to paint with a special brush holding tool the therapist made for me and can even remove the splint so I feel it will be good therapy to paint some smaller canvas' with limited movements and range of motion.  Stamina is a form of therapy after surgery as much as exercise, massage, etc.  

This particular piece is magnet for "wherever".... and the magnet is Staples business card size magnets that are a nice size and cover nearly the entire backside of the canvas.  I will definitely be doing some more of these smaller photos...and because it is the is mine to adorn my refrigerator...

Painted with acrylics by Americana DecoArt and Dynasty Brushes.

Orgone / Orgonites

An Etsy vendor introduced me to Orgons and organizes.  Since I love out of the box, being creative
in a spiritual manner, and an interest in the unique she picqued my artistic creativity.

I have ordered supplies which are trickling in ---  they are coming from Brazil, Ethiopia, and Africa.

This has given me time to do some research, ponder over what I might want to do as far as color,  gemstones, etc. so it has been a great learning experience.  I have always loved of my earliest recollections of beauty.

Layering organic and inorganic matter magnifies positive life force energy.  It works continually without being cleansed, charged or  programmed.  The pressure of the resin makes the orgonite pulse, amplifying the properties of the mineral.

A pendant =  light body activation so I want to make these as well as the small hand held pyramids.

I am going to start with Amazonitee, Lemurian Crystals,  Kyanite, Moonstone and Opal gemstones.

An orgone is based on the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich.

It acts as a generator of the gemstones properties ..  great for meditation and to access the energy of the spiritual world.  It is "said" to alchemize imbalanced energies resulting from environmental and emotional pollutants.

Some of the pieces can be Reike infused so I am going to talk to a couple of friends who do Reiki
to hopefully obtain some insight from them on these pyramids that can be used in their healing.

When I was in Maui I had an impromptu reading by  a spiritualist from Illinois who was doing some research on a children's book she was writing..... and visiting the Sacred Garden and the 2 labyrinths that are available for a meditational walk.  She felt that kyanite would be a very beneficial gemstone for me.....  My first piece is going to be an orgone necklace using kyanite, opal and a Lemurian crystal.....  I love Opals and Crystals so I think they will be a perfect combination as far as "looks" but I need to do research on each and make sure that they will be compatible before I begin the actual work involved in  making the focal piece.  I am looking forward to being able to begin ....  and see what happens, doesn't happen...etc.  an artistic exciting...

The Light

I took this photo of a friends statue with lights and candles on in front of a window and the effect is surreal....

Trash to Treasure

I have a vintage white drop leaf table in my studio and this is one of the chairs that I painted and added a dresser scarf to as an update into creativity.   I vintage ...  and have a weakness for things that are a bit different.  This is a really small rocker,,,, and my paternal grandmother was a little bit of a thing..along with my father so this is sized for them and their generation.......  I love rocking chairs.  There is something comforting, and relaxing about "rocking" and a meditative type of thinking.

Paper Clips with a Message

I love the large wood paper clips and have several in different sizes.  I worked on this one right before surgery and once I am able to be proficient again with my right thumb/hand the words in the top area
of the paperclip will be painted on....just white pencil was used for temporary decision making,

I have another named SILENCE that has one of my spiritual saying painted in the top area.

Both paperclips have been finished with a sealer which accentuates the natural grain of the wood
and I love the rich look with no stain.

Fall Aspen Grove (Tiny Art)

Working with my non dominant hand I painted this Fall Aspen Grove painting.  It has been such a good learning curve in so many ways and shows what can be done from the same thought idea working with no design to trace and using just techniques and your own design idea as it plays out as you progress with the painting...

There are several techniques used to create the effects in the paintings I have been creating as well as speciality brushes from FM Dynasty that make the effects easier to accomplish as you work from from back to front.

I use some specialty paints, inks and dyes for finishing touches.

Once you learn the techniques anyone can create their own paintings with the effects seen here.

When I was talking painting classes "back in the day" I always chose classes where a technique was being taught, a specialty brush was being used, or specialty paints introduced and added.  I am thankful for this intuitive decision...

Once again on this painting I used corners on the canvas rather than matting or framing and a piece glued on the back top for hanging.  The piece also looks really nice on an easel..

NEXT:  A winter scene........

Wisp-er of Fall (Tiny Art)

Copyright 3/16

This is a painting I just finished using my non dominant right hand is in a hard splint nearly to my elbow from thumb, hand and arm surgery a month ago.  Painting, creating has a way of getting under your skin and is highly addictive and when you can't do it is when the urge seems to get the strongest so I figured nothing ventured nothing gained.....   For the darker tree leaves I was able to hold the brush between my index and middle finger  close to the ferrel to have a bit more control....but was resigned to 15 minute intervals with a good hour of rest between each 15 minute session per my therapist.  Because total, complete recovery is of utmost importance to me I follow instructions to the letter.....even though it is restrictive.

The design is painted on a handmade stretched  8x8 portrait grade canvas board and I added silver metal corners to the piece for something differen.  I have glued jewelry chain to the back with a large lobster claw clasp at the end for hanging....

My inspiration was a photo torn from a magazine that was in my "to paint soon" box in my create

I don't use a pattern when I paint...and the colors I use develop as I paint and are based on previous colors or the brilliance or softness desired.

With this paining I found the use of Overcast by DecoArt (paint color) to work the best through out the entire design and mixing of colors.....

Tonight I am going to work on another similar piece but want to use aspen leaves/trees in yellows and my canvas is going to be taller and only about 4 inches wide....  I have the rest of the day to gather colors, and will continue the use of Overcast adding Paynes Grey for my background predominant color.....Overcast and Titanium White as my "fog, mist" washes.

I used Tattered Angels Dazzling Diamond ink spray as my first finish then finished off flyspecking with Glamour Dust DecoArt paint --  Crystal Ice.  I love how the ink spray created small orbs of light that weren't planned to the piece and are subtly visible.  (Orbs are a whole "nuther" story in my own specific art journey)

Painting is addictive, fun, challenging, therapeutic mentally and physically and provides a learning experience for those who love the journey of painting....

I have to admit that this is one of my favorite pieces.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.