Orgone / Orgonites

An Etsy vendor introduced me to Orgons and organizes.  Since I love out of the box, being creative
in a spiritual manner, and an interest in the unique she picqued my artistic creativity.

I have ordered supplies which are trickling in ---  they are coming from Brazil, Ethiopia, and Africa.

This has given me time to do some research, ponder over what I might want to do as far as color,  gemstones, etc. so it has been a great learning experience.  I have always loved of my earliest recollections of beauty.

Layering organic and inorganic matter magnifies positive life force energy.  It works continually without being cleansed, charged or  programmed.  The pressure of the resin makes the orgonite pulse, amplifying the properties of the mineral.

A pendant =  light body activation so I want to make these as well as the small hand held pyramids.

I am going to start with Amazonitee, Lemurian Crystals,  Kyanite, Moonstone and Opal gemstones.

An orgone is based on the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich.

It acts as a generator of the gemstones properties ..  great for meditation and to access the energy of the spiritual world.  It is "said" to alchemize imbalanced energies resulting from environmental and emotional pollutants.

Some of the pieces can be Reike infused so I am going to talk to a couple of friends who do Reiki
to hopefully obtain some insight from them on these pyramids that can be used in their healing.

When I was in Maui I had an impromptu reading by  a spiritualist from Illinois who was doing some research on a children's book she was writing..... and visiting the Sacred Garden and the 2 labyrinths that are available for a meditational walk.  She felt that kyanite would be a very beneficial gemstone for me.....  My first piece is going to be an orgone necklace using kyanite, opal and a Lemurian crystal.....  I love Opals and Crystals so I think they will be a perfect combination as far as "looks" but I need to do research on each and make sure that they will be compatible before I begin the actual work involved in  making the focal piece.  I am looking forward to being able to begin ....  and see what happens, doesn't happen...etc.  an artistic exciting...

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