The Original..... Artists "Gentle Fingers" Brush Basin

I am getting ready for a show in November so since I am putting together Artists' acrylic and watercolor brush basins I thought I would list some on my Etsy site.

New Photography 9/09

Many "wetland" areas will have moss growing on the trees and tree limbs. At Big Lava Lake the moss is kinky and a very light,pale, celery green. In many areas it hangs "from" the tree limbs and is the texture of the cornsilk from corn on the cob...and is quite long in many instances. It provides a very eiry quality to the woodland.
The cattails in the second photo were gorgeous along the lakefront and the colors couldn't be more fall like. Each of the many lakes around Mt. Batchelor and throughout OR provide a different type of scenery....

Handpainted Jewelry Dominoes Copyright 09/09

I love painting resin jewelry dominoes for necklace, bracelets and pins. It is neat to "combine" art forms for a mixed media piece.
The one focal has been made into a necklace and I am working on the other 2.

Mixed Media Blogsite

Check out my new blogsite at for my venture into the realm of mixed media.

Cupboard Doors / Dragyns Den

I just finished doing these cupboard doors for my daughters' lampwork studio.... Unlike her mother she is NOT afraid of color.
(Click on photo to enlarge)

She is AKA Dragynsfyre so I guess this would be the "dragyns den"... ?

Michelle gave me an idea of what she wanted and picked the colors so it was just up to me to do the hard part....

Her studio is done in Burgendy, Teal and Harvest Gold with plenty of Silver accessories....

Clear Lake, OR

I have seen blue water before but this lake was absolutely gorgeous. Such an intense shade of turquoise blue, that I did nothing to "retouch". Boats with no motor only, fishing, and gorgeous mountainy campsites...


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.