The Aramaic Lord's Prayer

Father-Mother of the 
Cosmos, Shimmering Light of All.  Focus your light within us as we breath your Holy Breath.  Enter the sanctuary of our hearts, uniting within us the sacred rays of your Power and Beauty.  Let your heart's desire unite heaven and earth through our sacred union.  Help us fulfill what lies within the circle of our lives today.  Forgive our secret fears as we freely choose to forgive the secret fears of others.  Let us not enter forgetfulness, tempted by false appearances.  For from your astonishing Fire comes the Eternal Song which sanctifies all, renewed eternally in our lives, and throughout Creation.  We Seal these words in our hearts, committed in trust and faith.  Amen


I have NO idea what this is going to be….but it will be used for something….sometime…  

The polymer clay sculpting helps my fingers from getting too stiff….so I enjoy just "playing" with it at night when I am listening to TV…..hardly ever WATCH it it seems.

So….this is silver metallic clay and I have embedded some swarovski crystals into the center portion.  I have it setting on a table that I walk by often so I can see it, stop and look at it, etc. until it talks to me….

A creative friend and I have been talking about making outside "fairy" houses so maybe this will fit into the scheme of things in this project.  

The fun of creating is sometimes not knowing yourself what it will end up being.  I like the shape, the texture, (which I get by using silicone tools) which work great to smooth the clay, push it here or there , make ripples and swirls creating shadows and highlights in the piece automatically;  not to mention dimension and movement.  Using sissors I fringed the top of the right side and moved the fringe in different directions.

The piece baked perfectly…..


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.