Budding with Color

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Another neat closeup.... So many colors.  Red,  Yellow, shades of green and purple.  


I love when I get details with close ups that I don't seem to see with the naked eye.  I have two sunflowers by our pond and both of them look as if I am going to have double blooms.  On the very bottom of the left hand leaf I even caught an ant....gosh I hate them.  I enjoy watching the progress
of flowers from buds, to beginning to open and full flower.  The little things in life are sometimes magical to me.  I love the "unfolding" process which occurs.  
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Tarot Card Vintage Domino with Handmade Lampwork

This is the first horizontal domino necklace that I have designed and I like that it is different.  I have used Swarovski crystals in a light brown, darker handmade lamp work beads, Tierra Cast spacers and bead caps, ivory delicas, and a super strong magnet clasp for easy on/off.  The chain portion is a little longer than normal which I tend to like....  I like the small handmade lamp work pieces as they are simple and don't compete with the necklace focal but accent and complete....  The domino is an ivory made from a resin/celluloid material, larger than normal dominoes, and vintage.

These necklaces are so relaxing to make and provide a mixed media, vintage feel and look...not to mention one of a kind.

Simply Beautiful

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Sometimes the simplest of "shots" can provide you inspiration ...  and who better to provide you with painting information but Mother Nature?   With this photo I love the light on dark, the sunshine and shadows and the mottled background (almost blurred) to give a mysterious anticipation..

Sometimes it is NOT the subject matter so much as EFFECT that draws people into a piece of artwork.

I love things that are unique, one of a kind, and pieces that inspire me.

This is in my FAVORITES album.

Summer Photo Shoot

I have a favorite time of the day when I REALLY enjoy taking photos because mother nature works with me to get shadows and highlights....obtain depth, etc.  Today I started in the front of our house and walked around the back and to my starting point......70 pictures later.  Of the 70 I kept about 50 of them.  This is one of my favorites.  It won't be long until these are "done" for this year so I need to capture as any photos as I can.   This is my snowball bush and so pretty with the leaves in different places, the pine tree bough, etc.  I love summer,,,, but then I love Fall and Winter also.....I think spring is my least favorite season here in Bend.  I hate the in-between winter and summer, the rain, the mud, YUCK.... but we need it for the beauty of the summer....


The Artistic Journey

        I don't think that anyone just goes............ "I WANT TO BE AN ARTIST".     

I was inspired by the retired couple  who lived across the street from me who were taking oil painting lessons.......and I thought ....   hmmmmm.  If they can do it, why can't I?  My next step was to do some research into any shops in the area (of which there were 3) where I could take some lessons and my choice was acrylics and painting.  

My daughter loved glass.  The coolness of it and the properties and what it could do.  She also enjoys designing jewelry.  Classes?  She is one of the lucky ones.  She had the interest, the desire,  knew what she liked and taught herself.   In my opinion she is most definitely an artist because she does top of the line quality work.  She has achieved the title of "glass artist".  

I have a friend from California that takes Prim and makes it special.  How?  Perfection.  Everything she does is touched with her special love and a quality that surpasses the norm.  Sopha Nellie......with a name like that how could it be anything but special?  

My sister in PA is a fabric artist.  She tells me she loves the "feel" of vintage materials and when she gets them she can hardly wait to create with them.  Her creations show it.  Purses, coats, hats, blouses, etc. all made form vintage table cloths, bedspreads and hankies.  An Artist.

  Yvonne Kresal, Ros Stallcup, Tracy Moreau,  Barb Halvorsen, Bonnie Seaman, Dorothy Dent, Cindi Combs, and my teachers from the three tole shops in Calif.   My list goes on and on......my list.  The artists' in my life who have taught, inspired, etc. 

The desire to become an artist?  I think everyone who is doing an art form secretly hopes that maybe someday they can achieve the artist category by their peers once they begin and feel the art that interests them.    

Most people become involved with a form of art for different reasons.  Ie:  as a hobby,  for emotional or physical medical reasons, because they want to challenge themselves, etc. but to simply"become an artist".... doubtful.

I took technique classes in decorative painting, bought videos and DVD's,  took seminars, and now participate in as many online classes as I can, and devour blogs by some of my favorite 
"artists".   I choose carefully and methodically.  

So if you have an interest in an art form; do it.  Do it for yourself.    Set yourself some mini goals... attainable goals...realistic goals, and enjoy the journey.  Maybe someday you will even become "An Artist".

An artist in jewelry design, acrylics, watercolors, oil, lettering, mixed media, etc.  There are so many categories and so many wonderful books,  magazines, blogs, online classes, and teachers  for those who have the desire to release their inner child.... and enjoy what art provides.   The doors are open.....many more thanks to the internet... 

I love GOOD art, good techniques, good teachers,  and artists with heart, soul, and a love for; and of not only what they do, or think they can do,  but the love of what others are doing as well.


                                                                                    Here they are.  Brand New from Dynasty.  Duets.
A brush on each end..........and I love the slanted mop you are seeing in the very bottom #7 Duet Salsa, and talk about soft....it feels like bunny fur.  Once again I believe these are available at Michaels so look for them....ask for them.... and more importantly use them to improve what you are already doing well.  These are only 3 of quite a few that are available for purchase.....   I am going to REALLY enjoy using these....

Wouldn't it be neat if they came apart in the middle and we could put the two together we wanted?    Oh boy...........what a thought.

OH,,, and by the way.  These brushes come with a Tracy Moreau flower design inside each brush packet.  There is a DIFFERENT one with EACH brush, at least there was with mine; which is showcasing the brush(es) purchased.  How neat and nice is that?  

                            DYNASTY TANGO AND SALSA DUETS


HOT DIGGITY DOG......  I have been wanting these since I first saw them on the Dynasty website.
Right now they are only available at Michaels' and not all of the stores carry them so I feel very fortunate to have "scored" these.   There are several more sizes which are not shown here.

I can tell just by looking at them that they are going to be AWESOME additions to my favorite jar.  Will need to find a real wide, shallow jar for these.    I am so excited and I can hardly wait to use them.
It is kinda like getting one of those special pieces of chocolate that is made here in Bend and is sooooo good ... the anticipation is almost as good as the taste...or in this case "use".... and I "almost" hate to get them dirty......but I WILL,,,,,oh yes,  I will.

Today I went to town and got staples for several weeks so my trips to town will be quick ones which means I can hit my studio.....  With these Palmers I feel more confident on doing larger canvas pieces.... and the width of the brush is going to be a "comfort" 


Cinnamon Iris

Copyright 6/12  DP
I don't remember this particular iris blooming and was delighted with the color....which I see in paint colors....   There are some bad spots with this one so I am hoping to have another this color a little later on that is more perfect....  It will be fun to see what other colors bloom.  

My friend Karon went to a woman's house and dug up all of her iris bulbs as she didn't want them anymore so they are seasoned bulbs which Karon shared and planted for me two summers ago.  Last year none bloomed so I have really been anxious when I saw the leaves fattening out....

Vintage Watch Face Domino Necklace

This necklace is completed....I like the way the clock face looks vintage and well used.  Done in shades of purple and green with silver accents.  The swarovski crystals are a new shade and sometimes they seem to look green and other times a grey purple.... bottom line is "they worked".....  A protective coat has been applied to preserve but the necklace cannot be "worn" in water.  


Negative Space / Cloth Paper Sissors

Cloth Paper Sissors is one of my favorite magazines that is of non painting subject matter  and I look forward to getting my copy every month....  They also have a newsletter that comes periodically on line that is a great resource for those of us who enjoy dabbling in mixed media, paper arts, etc.  It is also a great inspirational tool for design work in all mediums.

In the most recent online newsletter is a really good editorial on Negative Space which I think will help artists of all mediums...  So many times I see "too much" in a design, awkward placing of items, etc. so if you feel that something might not be "just right" in the work you are doing and you aren't sure why take the time to go and read this article it might just be the article that turn on the light.  Understanding negative space is an asset to artists of all mediums.

I love reading articles that are based on tried and true updated to the 20th century knowledge rather than from textbook wording....back in the 50's (or before) or from someone who babbles and says "nothing".   Just a bunch of terminology that is really pretty much useless.....  People want to know how to make things work, simply, and why they work.    This article gets "to the point"  in a way that anyone who is an artist can read,  understand and apply to their own mode of art.  This is one of those editorials that I have saved to my "important art information" file to be able as an important teaching tool or as a reference for others.  

LINK: Below



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I have chosen these 2 domino pendants to  design into necklaces and tonight I got the 5:45 one done using green and purple lamp work beads which have been etched along with Tierra Cast findings and swarovski crystals.  Tomorrow I will check the colors to make sure in natural light I have not misjudged colors, then will take a photo to post to the blog.  This will be a one of a kind piece and will be offered for sale on my Etsy site for $55.00.   Tomorrow I will work on the horizontal Tarot card one and I  have one more which is 3 glasses of wine.  I just need to choose beads and begin ... so check back towards the end of the week for finished photos.  


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This is my first iris of the season and actually the first in 2 years as last year I don't think I had any that bloomed.  This one is hid underneath and within a low boughed evergreen tree where it gets only filtered sunshine....yet was the first to  bloom.  I have one black one which I have my fingers crossed for blooming this season.  These flowers  have so many components, such vivid colors and yet pastels as well...  So velvety looking.

Domino Pendants

I have been working on domino pendants which are in the "final stage".  The final coat is drying, then I buff , and glue bales on those which need them.  I have 2 that I am going to make into a necklace for myself so will work on those this coming week.  I have Vino, Tarot Cards, Stempunk, Clocks and "faces"..... in this batch.  I may make the next batch into pins and key chains.   These are a lot of fun, and they allow my mind to wander as I work on them.  

In Progress

Copyright 2012 DP

I know "where I am going' and sometimes I use different methods to get there ... depends on my mood, my paints,  needing to see something nearly completed before moving on, using or not using a medium, etc.  There is no right or wrong to art, how you paint, brushes you use, techniques, etc.  The important thing is to "get there" easily and with the least amount of effort...  I love to paint when it "flows" as this particular piece is doing.

Mt. Batchelor

Copyright 2012 DP
Today has been a crappy day so my husband took me around in the quad to take some photos of Mt. Batchelor.  From our friends' driveway up the road I was able to get several different angles.  The dark you see in the foreground are the lava rocks from the Newport Volcano area.  I did a zoom with my camera to get this particular shot.  These long streaky clouds are unusual and that they are over the Mt. leads to a lot of questions.  I wish I had this view from my driveway as they do.  

Pretty Woman

I did this faux stained glass a while back and it didn't sell so she is now hanging on our porch patio where I can enjoy it.  I love the design and the colors.  So spring.....so different.

Out of the Box Vintage Lampshade .... In use

Earlier this week I posted a photo of the vintage glass lampshade that I purchased.  It came today and I was anxious to get it unwrapped and "up".  My garden bed area is complete, at least for right now.  The marbles have been inserted into the fence, the iron bed has been planted with many different species of ground cover and today my husband and I hung the glass shade bird feeder and it is just as I imagined it would look.  It is so much fun to work with Larry on things, and to have them work.  So my feathered friends will now be eating in style at a first class bed and breakfast.....

Art is so much fun...don't cha think?

SnowBall Bush and Flowers

Copyright 6/12
Copyright 6/12
I love the whites and greens....the snowball bush is so pretty this year and pretty much loaded with different stages of flowering...so it will be lasting for awhile to be enjoyed.

Larry says we are going to have to transplant it from the wine barrel into the ground as it is "too big for its' bucket".

Curved Beveled Glass

I love working with the faux glass paints called Gallery Glass.  I bought several different sizes of this beveled glass at Dollar Tree about 4 years ago.  They 
were glass frames,  the very center being the area where the photo was placed and the area was a heavy card stock that was glued onto the glass.  I bought one; brought it  home, soaked it in hot soapy water and it peeled off just as slick as could be leaving no residue what so ever.  The next day I went back and purchased several more.  
This beveled glass of fish done with the Gallery Glass sets on the half moon ledge in the master bathroom....and I have 2 in my other window 
They worked up quickly and the final step was using the etch that comes in the Gallery Glass for the background, leaving "bubble areas" clear.  It was a lot of fun and by using your art it helps to personalize your home with one of a kind decor pieces.   

I am always looking for items that can be used for art in every store I am in, at garage sales, estate sales, etc.  These $1 beveled glass items were a real "find".

Glass Garden

I cannot take credit for this "idea";  only for incorporating it into my life via two areas in our side fence. (Thanks Amber for sending me the original photo.) 

My DH helped me find the right size drill bit then armed with his drill gun, my transparent marbles in green,  light and dark blue, red, and white I began drilling holes and inserting marbles......I bet our neighbors thought I was crazy but since the hole goes entirely through the fence they will also have the view.... and will realize what I did.   Now that I see it works GREAT......I will be planting more further down the fence line !!!!  Once things begin blooming really well around the porch area I will add additional photos to my blog.   Below you will find a photo of my garden bed the other area where I inserted color into the fence with the marbles.  This bed area is a work in progress so once finished I will post pictures of this also.  I spent part of my day today also transplanting flowers into different containers and placing around our yard.

This fence is directly behind our  pond/waterfall so sitting on our patio porch eating at the table or just relaxing we will have the benefit of color.....  The circles are vintage, rusty tire rims....my husbands contribution to rural decor.....

  Looks as if my snowball bush is going to produce this year.....the only part showing is the highest limb....  It is in a large whiskey keg so is really full and pretty this year....  Right now they are a pretty, light green but soon they will be white and fluffy...

Out of the Box / Vintage Glass Lampshade

This is a gorgeous vintage glass lampshade that I just purchased.  Watch and see what it will become after it is rec'd  and in place.  I hope it is as beautiful as it looks,,,,but most things are even better "in person"....  don't you think?  I would like a total of 3 to make a collection of.........

Any guesses?

Liquid Diamonds

My "lupines" just beginning to form really enjoyed the spring rain we had as they captured many drops within their tiny little petals.....  The water drops looked like diamonds as they sparkled and glistened in the sunshine.

The wonder of nature......  The simple delights in life that bring smiles, joy and an uplifted heart.


Trash to Treasure

Last week I mentioned  that I was going to be redoing a vintage childs toilet seat.  

 Copyright 2012
 I knew when I purchased the item what I would be using it for but wasn't sure about the painted designs.    There is a geranium bud and leaf in the upper right hand corner, a dragonfly to the bottom left, and a butterfly to the bottom right.  If you are interested in painting a similar piece it will be published with close ups and instructions  at:  http://www.toletown.com July issue.  This will hang out on my patio porch.

Eclectic Decor Detail(s) "STARLIGHT"

Star Light
This was a joint effort of  several to get this star on the ceiling, get the light fixure in place and working, etc.  My ceiling in this area of the kitchen slopes downward to the french doors leading on to the patio so that was another obstacle.  I knew what I wanted but sometimes it is hard to explain out of the box ideas to a black and white idea person.....The light fixture I had picked up at Ikea and knew where I wanted it when I purchased it but didn't know exactly what else would be a part of the "idea".....  Then I went to a delightful shop here in Bend called Real Deals and saw this red star and bingo...... idea complete.   It has been up for about 3 years, functions wonderfully and I love it.

Lilac Memories

Copyright 2012
Lilacs smell so wonderfully good and just a couple seem to fragrant the entire house with spring.   I love these dark purple ones and was delighted that I also "caught" a web amongst the flowerettes.   

Lilacs provide memories of growing up in Pennsylvania.  Smelling these as I walked to school in everyones yard.  It seems as if walking didn't bother me much when I could see neat things.   Like when I go to Koosah falls.  The most fantastic place on earth....the musty smells of nature, the coolness from the mist of the falls, the blues of the water, the different types of moss, the colors of green and how they all blend together with one never more prominent than another.  Perfect harmony.  A squirrel or chipmunk might run across your path, and of course others going down or coming up from the bottom.....Different wildflowers grow,  fungus, and of course the moss hanging from the trees.........and in fall the mushrooms.  All shapes, sizes, colors along with the leaves changing color.  The falls are just magnificent...
and the other things just accent the beauty of the water
cascading down the mountain ledge.  Just gorgeous...

So as you can see a simple lilac, the color, the smell, the beauty...can take you on a memory jaunt of pleasantries of days past.  


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.