Negative Space / Cloth Paper Sissors

Cloth Paper Sissors is one of my favorite magazines that is of non painting subject matter  and I look forward to getting my copy every month....  They also have a newsletter that comes periodically on line that is a great resource for those of us who enjoy dabbling in mixed media, paper arts, etc.  It is also a great inspirational tool for design work in all mediums.

In the most recent online newsletter is a really good editorial on Negative Space which I think will help artists of all mediums...  So many times I see "too much" in a design, awkward placing of items, etc. so if you feel that something might not be "just right" in the work you are doing and you aren't sure why take the time to go and read this article it might just be the article that turn on the light.  Understanding negative space is an asset to artists of all mediums.

I love reading articles that are based on tried and true updated to the 20th century knowledge rather than from textbook wording....back in the 50's (or before) or from someone who babbles and says "nothing".   Just a bunch of terminology that is really pretty much useless.....  People want to know how to make things work, simply, and why they work.    This article gets "to the point"  in a way that anyone who is an artist can read,  understand and apply to their own mode of art.  This is one of those editorials that I have saved to my "important art information" file to be able as an important teaching tool or as a reference for others.  

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