Canvas Pour Dip Necklace

Everyone is going big it seems so I decided to go the other way.....  This is a dip on a small 2 x2" canvas.  I have to find something for the back so will be scouring tomorrow.  This is the first one I have done in necklace form....and I love it.  For some reason my first thought is George Washington.  The beads are ceramic, handmade lamp work and bone.  The chain portion is knotted cording.

Have another one, different colors on my work table for another night.



The red handled brushes are the NEW DYNASTY High End Stencil Pro brushes.  For now I will carry the 1/4", 1/2" and 1" sizes.   The bristles are soft and flexible.  They deliver an even distribution of color with crisp edges and clean stencil images.

The bottom Brush is a DYNASTY IPC Brush.  Ink, Pastel and Chalk brushes.  The one shown is a flat blending brush which is full and WONDERFUL.  I will carry this in all three sizes.  Small, medium and large.

On my site I will provide some closer photos of my offerings.

I am not sure if I will sell individually per line or individually.  Does anyone have a comment?

I have been using these brushes and others in the Dynasty line for about 8 years....I don't use any other brushes with the exception of an occasional speciality technique brush.

All of the lines are exceptional in quality, performance and finished piece of art.

Polymer Clay Necklace

Newly finished.  Polymer clay necklace using a texture roller.  The beads are handmade lamp work and Czech beads.  I painted Paynes Grey and then used a bronze metallic paint to embellish and brass spacers/clasp.

Landscape Guitar

I saw this on Facebook and just fell in love with it so this is my preliminary rendition.   I used a musical note stencil for the finger string area sideways.... It looks a little plain so I will use this one to play with....I have a longer canvas to do another which is a gallery wrap vs this canvas panel.   Just doesn't look "finished" to me.  Any ideas?

Acrylic Skin Ring and Necklace Set

I really liked this acrylic skin when it dried and I am pleased with the final result.  I will probably sell this set just with a simple silver chain for the necklace but it needs to dry a bit longer.

CBD RELIEF cream and Foot Neuropathy

I have foot neuropathy with various painful symptoms.  Feelings of Itching, burning, bee stings, needle pokes, aching, fever, swelling, coldness, sharp and dull pains, etc.  Those who have it know what I am talking about.  Sometimes just a few symptoms and sometimes all of them at the same time.

I take 500 and 750 mg of CBD twice a day (AM I use the 500 and PM the 750) which has alleviated all but an occasional minute of bee stings once in awhile in my big toe.

When the weather changes drastically (like now.... getting ready for another round of snow furries..) the foot aches a bit and up into my leg to my knee.  It is NOT excruciating;  just pain,  and it is the worst at night..and keeps me awake.

The brand of CBD I take has a cream called RELIEF which I use as separate applications.
1.   The top and bottom of toes,
2.   My heel
3.  Arch of my foot bottom
4.  Top of foot

For each area I use a SMIDGIN of the cream.  Just enough that it shows on my finger and rub in gently until absorbed.  Within 5 minutes I have relief and within 15 minutes the pain is gone and I just have a fuzzy feeling in my foot.  Sometimes the cream will last days, sometimes I use twice a day and others once, at night.  It just depends on me, what I am doing, and what the weather is like.

BUT bottom line I get immediate relief.....and at night it is so wonderful.  A jar of the cream usually lasts me about 2 months...and in the summer much longer as I don't need it as much.

Along with the CBD RELIEF  also contains Tea Tree Oil which helps alleviate pain.
I use all of the products:  CBD oil, Face Cream and Serum with Retinol,  and the Relief.  They even have CBD oil and Biscuits for animals....  I give our little dog ONE DROP of the CBD oil every other day.

If you are interested send me an email at

Crocheted Shoulder Shawl

I love the yarn for this item.  It is a grey, VERY pale pink and a lighter grey.  It looks vintage with the shawl collar,  warm, soft and comfy when worked up in this shoulder/arm size  which sometimes is all you want or need.  This one will go to the store but I went back and purchased enough yarn to make one for me but I am going to make a few moderations and make mine just a bit bigger.   My evening projects are mostly knit or crochet items.
The simpler the better.

Handmade Lampwork Rings

I have been making these rings for quite awhile and I really like the elegant simplicity of them.  The band is a nice quality vinyl, there is a little butterfly on outside and a beautiful pink flower as the focal.  One of my favorites.

Handmade Spiritual Cuff Bracelet

Tierra Cast has this bracelet blank with 6 random openings for charms.  The majority of the charms are also Tierra Cast and all the components can be purchased on Etsy at  I am anxious to wear it.  There are also small ancient type symbols on the outside of the bracelet form.

Fluid Art...Night Light

I had some of these night light lampshades and decided to do a pour.....worked great.  I have mine in my bathroom.  


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.