I am not quite sure how these horizonal icycles "happened" as there is no wire, or anything that was stationary to help create them....but it is a neat photograph. I am glad I took it when I did as my husband removed them this afternoon.....

YIPPEE.........the trees are done. I love all of the stages but when you are done with something it is so nice to just sit back and look at it.... I hope that the Berry's will enjoy....and the best thing is no limbs to trim or leaves to rake. This was an easy 10 hour mural.
I LOVE trees, especially birch so subject matter was fun to create.

In Progress Day #2

One more 2 hour session for 10 hours total should finish this mural. Top rung of the ladder and carefull balancing is needed.....

What is it?

I am working on some handpainted jewelry items for the gallery and this photo of a photo section is going to be used in /for a necklace focal piece. I am doing a series of animal designs..... I hope that what I like in the photo will work on the necklace focal. Outside the box is really a fun element of art ... but can sometimes be a frustrating element as well.


I have been trying to do this mural for months and it seemed as if something would always come up that made it impossible either with Karon or with me so this morning I gave it another try and it was a good "go" .... Instead of going gung ho as I usually do I am going to break it down to 4 hour intervals and it will probably take 12-16 hours to complete. Karon has a small wall as you come into the house from the front door, down the hallway to the kitchen...which is where the 3 birch trees will reside..... goodness but her ceiling are high....lol..... Had the BIG ladder, lol.

I will go up again on Monday and depending on how I feel tomorrow will finish up on Tues or Wed ... I hated to quit...once I get going I get so excited I don't know when enough is enough..

Will try to remember to take photos as it progresses and update the blog...... SUCH FUN............... I am always in "my glory" when the paintbrush is in my hand.

Spray Table

I was outside spray painting on Monday with temperatures in the 50's and on Tuesday we had no power, 8 inches of "white stuff" and my little spray station is "closed due to snow"....

Handpainted Animal Bracelets / Rose Bracelets

These were fun to paint.....they work up quick once they are all basecoated inside and out.
My favorite is the zebra.

Winter Scene on Canvas / Landscape Brush Kit SOON

Today I started and finished a 5 x 7 winter scene on canvas. I just love these portrait grade canvas panels which are handmade and primed. They work up so fast and turn out so pretty. I had a frame which I am painting to match and then I will submit to PaintWorks. If it isn't accepted I will work it up and offer as a pattern packet. I purchased the frame at Big Lots. It WAS black but because of the design of frame which is grooved on one side and smooth on the other I slipslapped the smooth side with the same colors as the sky is slip slapped with,
and the other side which is vertically grooved is white. A very different look. I liked the frame so much I went back and purchased another 2 and will do a summer scene utilizing this same canvas design and paint the frame accordingly. Sooooooo much fun. This whole design element could easily be done in 4-8 hours depending on skill level. I am going to list it as an intermediate design.

I have been working with quite a few new brushes and am wanting to get several
designs done before my new Dynasty brush kit arrives...and I can offer it for sale. With the kit will be several typewritten pages of "helps" so that success with the brushes will be even more of a guarantee. It is so rewarding to finally have found paints, mediums and brushes that work together to provide exciting finished landscape pieces.

I got so many things done today.......

Handpainted Ceramic Jar Candle

My husband decided to take a snoozing day of rest so I got to paint all day....YIPEE.

This candle had a blue stripe around the bottom so I decided it needed one lone evergreen tree with lots of snow and wind. The scent of the candle is carmel cookies, and it sure does smell good, even unlit.

This will go to the Gallery on Sunday when I take my turn working....

Handmade Paper by Ely

These are just two of the handmade paper samples that Ely sent to me....and they are awesome and totally what I had been wanting and looking for. They
are sturdy and yet the one on the left is see through in places which is also a quality I wanted. If you tear it it is feathery and just so pretty....I am so anxious
to work with these and play a bit... If any of you are looking for handmade papers check out what Ely has to offer....I don't think you will be disappointed.

To go to Ely's selling sites and blog see the information in her handpainted feather blogpost directly below this one.

Happy looking.............


I just recently found the "marbeling" artwork "by Ely" in which she uses different types of bird feathers for her masterpieces of vibrant color. What a totally unique addition to mixed media, collage and journal art.

My first order was some small pastel painted cockatoo feathers. Then she put up this magnificent teal, burgendy and gold feather that was pefect to do a framed collage for my daughters' studio; as well as a gorgeous red, green and gold one that will be perfect for a Christmas collage. How could one resist?

Ely also makes handmade papers, just what I have been looking for. My order came wrapped in one of these papers and I had to find out where I could purchase some as it was beautiful. She has promised to add some to her selling sites soon and I can hardly wait to "see". I told her I was going to have to put a parental control on her Etsy and Artfire sites...as I know she is going to become one of my favorite vendors and my wallet will become thinner because of her....

If you would like to see and learn more about Ely's artwork art you can go to:

I have heard that "birds" and bird related items are the IN thing for spring so what a way to
be able to create in trend and add a bit of dimension to our pieces.



I LOVE the Oregon sunsets. This is rare to see one this gorgeous in February but we have been having some totally awesome weather with temperatures in the 50's and have even hit 61 a couple of times. I feel so guilty when I know other parts of the US and other countries are having some horrible cold, snow, ice, flooding, etc.

Thought I would share this photo I "caught" ..... SO Vibrant and colorful. I have

lived in CA, TX, NY and PA but no where have I see sunsets like we get here. If only I were a bit higher....but should be greatful for the open area I have in the area where we live called Deschutes River Woods.



Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.