Winter Scene on Canvas / Landscape Brush Kit SOON

Today I started and finished a 5 x 7 winter scene on canvas. I just love these portrait grade canvas panels which are handmade and primed. They work up so fast and turn out so pretty. I had a frame which I am painting to match and then I will submit to PaintWorks. If it isn't accepted I will work it up and offer as a pattern packet. I purchased the frame at Big Lots. It WAS black but because of the design of frame which is grooved on one side and smooth on the other I slipslapped the smooth side with the same colors as the sky is slip slapped with,
and the other side which is vertically grooved is white. A very different look. I liked the frame so much I went back and purchased another 2 and will do a summer scene utilizing this same canvas design and paint the frame accordingly. Sooooooo much fun. This whole design element could easily be done in 4-8 hours depending on skill level. I am going to list it as an intermediate design.

I have been working with quite a few new brushes and am wanting to get several
designs done before my new Dynasty brush kit arrives...and I can offer it for sale. With the kit will be several typewritten pages of "helps" so that success with the brushes will be even more of a guarantee. It is so rewarding to finally have found paints, mediums and brushes that work together to provide exciting finished landscape pieces.

I got so many things done today.......

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your design in Paintworks!



Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.