Glass Garden

I cannot take credit for this "idea";  only for incorporating it into my life via two areas in our side fence. (Thanks Amber for sending me the original photo.) 

My DH helped me find the right size drill bit then armed with his drill gun, my transparent marbles in green,  light and dark blue, red, and white I began drilling holes and inserting marbles......I bet our neighbors thought I was crazy but since the hole goes entirely through the fence they will also have the view.... and will realize what I did.   Now that I see it works GREAT......I will be planting more further down the fence line !!!!  Once things begin blooming really well around the porch area I will add additional photos to my blog.   Below you will find a photo of my garden bed the other area where I inserted color into the fence with the marbles.  This bed area is a work in progress so once finished I will post pictures of this also.  I spent part of my day today also transplanting flowers into different containers and placing around our yard.

This fence is directly behind our  pond/waterfall so sitting on our patio porch eating at the table or just relaxing we will have the benefit of color.....  The circles are vintage, rusty tire husbands contribution to rural decor.....

  Looks as if my snowball bush is going to produce this year.....the only part showing is the highest limb....  It is in a large whiskey keg so is really full and pretty this year....  Right now they are a pretty, light green but soon they will be white and fluffy...

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