Curved Beveled Glass

I love working with the faux glass paints called Gallery Glass.  I bought several different sizes of this beveled glass at Dollar Tree about 4 years ago.  They 
were glass frames,  the very center being the area where the photo was placed and the area was a heavy card stock that was glued onto the glass.  I bought one; brought it  home, soaked it in hot soapy water and it peeled off just as slick as could be leaving no residue what so ever.  The next day I went back and purchased several more.  
This beveled glass of fish done with the Gallery Glass sets on the half moon ledge in the master bathroom....and I have 2 in my other window 
They worked up quickly and the final step was using the etch that comes in the Gallery Glass for the background, leaving "bubble areas" clear.  It was a lot of fun and by using your art it helps to personalize your home with one of a kind decor pieces.   

I am always looking for items that can be used for art in every store I am in, at garage sales, estate sales, etc.  These $1 beveled glass items were a real "find".

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