Lilac Memories

Copyright 2012
Lilacs smell so wonderfully good and just a couple seem to fragrant the entire house with spring.   I love these dark purple ones and was delighted that I also "caught" a web amongst the flowerettes.   

Lilacs provide memories of growing up in Pennsylvania.  Smelling these as I walked to school in everyones yard.  It seems as if walking didn't bother me much when I could see neat things.   Like when I go to Koosah falls.  The most fantastic place on earth....the musty smells of nature, the coolness from the mist of the falls, the blues of the water, the different types of moss, the colors of green and how they all blend together with one never more prominent than another.  Perfect harmony.  A squirrel or chipmunk might run across your path, and of course others going down or coming up from the bottom.....Different wildflowers grow,  fungus, and of course the moss hanging from the trees.........and in fall the mushrooms.  All shapes, sizes, colors along with the leaves changing color.  The falls are just magnificent...
and the other things just accent the beauty of the water
cascading down the mountain ledge.  Just gorgeous...

So as you can see a simple lilac, the color, the smell, the beauty...can take you on a memory jaunt of pleasantries of days past.  

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.