The Artistic Journey

        I don't think that anyone just goes............ "I WANT TO BE AN ARTIST".     

I was inspired by the retired couple  who lived across the street from me who were taking oil painting lessons.......and I thought ....   hmmmmm.  If they can do it, why can't I?  My next step was to do some research into any shops in the area (of which there were 3) where I could take some lessons and my choice was acrylics and painting.  

My daughter loved glass.  The coolness of it and the properties and what it could do.  She also enjoys designing jewelry.  Classes?  She is one of the lucky ones.  She had the interest, the desire,  knew what she liked and taught herself.   In my opinion she is most definitely an artist because she does top of the line quality work.  She has achieved the title of "glass artist".  

I have a friend from California that takes Prim and makes it special.  How?  Perfection.  Everything she does is touched with her special love and a quality that surpasses the norm.  Sopha Nellie......with a name like that how could it be anything but special?  

My sister in PA is a fabric artist.  She tells me she loves the "feel" of vintage materials and when she gets them she can hardly wait to create with them.  Her creations show it.  Purses, coats, hats, blouses, etc. all made form vintage table cloths, bedspreads and hankies.  An Artist.

  Yvonne Kresal, Ros Stallcup, Tracy Moreau,  Barb Halvorsen, Bonnie Seaman, Dorothy Dent, Cindi Combs, and my teachers from the three tole shops in Calif.   My list goes on and list.  The artists' in my life who have taught, inspired, etc. 

The desire to become an artist?  I think everyone who is doing an art form secretly hopes that maybe someday they can achieve the artist category by their peers once they begin and feel the art that interests them.    

Most people become involved with a form of art for different reasons.  Ie:  as a hobby,  for emotional or physical medical reasons, because they want to challenge themselves, etc. but to simply"become an artist".... doubtful.

I took technique classes in decorative painting, bought videos and DVD's,  took seminars, and now participate in as many online classes as I can, and devour blogs by some of my favorite 
"artists".   I choose carefully and methodically.  

So if you have an interest in an art form; do it.  Do it for yourself.    Set yourself some mini goals... attainable goals...realistic goals, and enjoy the journey.  Maybe someday you will even become "An Artist".

An artist in jewelry design, acrylics, watercolors, oil, lettering, mixed media, etc.  There are so many categories and so many wonderful books,  magazines, blogs, online classes, and teachers  for those who have the desire to release their inner child.... and enjoy what art provides.   The doors are open.....many more thanks to the internet... 

I love GOOD art, good techniques, good teachers,  and artists with heart, soul, and a love for; and of not only what they do, or think they can do,  but the love of what others are doing as well.

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