Fall Aspen Grove (Tiny Art)

Working with my non dominant hand I painted this Fall Aspen Grove painting.  It has been such a good learning curve in so many ways and shows what can be done from the same thought idea working with no design to trace and using just techniques and your own design idea as it plays out as you progress with the painting...

There are several techniques used to create the effects in the paintings I have been creating as well as speciality brushes from FM Dynasty that make the effects easier to accomplish as you work from from back to front.

I use some specialty paints, inks and dyes for finishing touches.

Once you learn the techniques anyone can create their own paintings with the effects seen here.

When I was talking painting classes "back in the day" I always chose classes where a technique was being taught, a specialty brush was being used, or specialty paints introduced and added.  I am thankful for this intuitive decision...

Once again on this painting I used corners on the canvas rather than matting or framing and a piece glued on the back top for hanging.  The piece also looks really nice on an easel..

NEXT:  A winter scene........

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.