Wisp-er of Fall (Tiny Art)

Copyright 3/16

This is a painting I just finished using my non dominant hand...my right hand is in a hard splint nearly to my elbow from thumb, hand and arm surgery a month ago.  Painting, creating has a way of getting under your skin and is highly addictive and when you can't do it is when the urge seems to get the strongest so I figured nothing ventured nothing gained.....   For the darker tree leaves I was able to hold the brush between my index and middle finger  close to the ferrel to have a bit more control....but was resigned to 15 minute intervals with a good hour of rest between each 15 minute session per my therapist.  Because total, complete recovery is of utmost importance to me I follow instructions to the letter.....even though it is restrictive.

The design is painted on a handmade stretched  8x8 portrait grade canvas board and I added silver metal corners to the piece for something differen.  I have glued jewelry chain to the back with a large lobster claw clasp at the end for hanging....

My inspiration was a photo torn from a magazine that was in my "to paint soon" box in my create

I don't use a pattern when I paint...and the colors I use develop as I paint and are based on previous colors or the brilliance or softness desired.

With this paining I found the use of Overcast by DecoArt (paint color) to work the best through out the entire design and mixing of colors.....

Tonight I am going to work on another similar piece but want to use aspen leaves/trees in yellows and my canvas is going to be taller and only about 4 inches wide....  I have the rest of the day to gather colors, and will continue the use of Overcast adding Paynes Grey for my background predominant color.....Overcast and Titanium White as my "fog, mist" washes.

I used Tattered Angels Dazzling Diamond ink spray as my first finish then finished off flyspecking with Glamour Dust DecoArt paint --  Crystal Ice.  I love how the ink spray created small orbs of light that weren't planned to the piece and are subtly visible.  (Orbs are a whole "nuther" story in my own specific art journey)

Painting is addictive, fun, challenging, therapeutic mentally and physically and provides a learning experience for those who love the journey of painting....

I have to admit that this is one of my favorite pieces.

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.