Tonight was special  because I was able to take a class with a young lady whose work I admired when I had my items in the Gallery in Sunriver.   Kim does HUGE when she works.  She got her start with wall murals and now works on oversized canvas pieces that are wall size.    

I love the way she uses and blends color to get depth so I was excited to see just how she approached her pieces.   There were only 6 in the class which was sad but I am sure that once the word is out she is giving a class she will increase her students.  

This is my finished piece and I wish the Red Moon (the name I gave mine) showed in the photos.  It is very vague (which I love)  and I think with the name it makes viewers look to find it.  I was so pleased that mine turned out as good as it did.  It is the colors of my living room so it will reside  on one of my walls there.  The pussy willows  are one of my favorite spring hellos so I was glad to see that it was to be the subject of the actual art.  

It was fun to get a blending of colors with movement, depth and a little texture.   Now I will be able to take what I learned tonight and adapt the technique in some pieces of my own.  It was a fun evening and I have a new piece of artwork to hang in my living room.

My next "Mottle" will be one I am putting together that will be similar to this as far as how it has been composed but will be Indian Pots and a brick wall that is falling apart..... Have not decided for sure what colors but probably turquoise, adobe red, and beige/browns.  Have my canvas all prepped and waiting.... I have so many I can tell it will be a busy spring/summer.

My patio porch is put together and I am hoping to do a lot of pieces there and enjoy the weather.  It is 80 here today...and gorgeous.  

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