NECKLACE "Funky Cowboy" Faux Bone Original Design 1 of 1

 Shaped and holes drilled

Making markings, adding embellishments, and embossing.
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  1. This is the finished piece.   My first thought for a name was "Funky Cowboy".  Don't know why but
  2. this just seemed to be where I was heading.  This necklace evolved.  It didn't really come from anything...  It wasn't planned or designed; it just seemed to happen...and that is a good feeling.   I also like the idea that these pieces are one of a kind.  Not something found at a "department store" where there will be thousands....  This piece is "it".   My next piece will be totally different.  I have my mind-set on a bracelet and so until I find time to "do it" I will have time to "think about it". 

  3.   This piece is on it's way to my Etsy site to see if any others out there would be interested in owning something of this nature.    The back of this piece is totally white just as in photo #1 and I realize that this necklace needs to be logged and numbered and signed.  

  4. I chuckled today when one of my husbands' friends was here in the garage with Larry and I brought the piece out in the garage to drill the holes.  He seemed surprised that I knew how to use the tools....and genuinely impressed with what I had done.  Seemed good to have a "critic" whom I know would be truthful with me....that is just the way he is and the way I want a critic to be.    When he saw something I "thought" I was going to use he remarked that he had something in his garage that I might like to use on a piece ......... so sometimes I accumulate "things" from people who want to see it in a piece.  Men seem to like the altered art...maybe because they see some of their items a nut or a washer, etc.  

  5. I hope that what I have done might spark someone else's eye in the same way it sparked mine.  That is art.  Making something for "someone" who identifies.   Everyone won't' like it...I am willing to accept that .  It  will make it special when the someone does find it, likes it and
  6. purchases it.

  7. This was a challenge I have put off for about 6 years......I have had the product this long....and then it was a was time to really set down and "get serious".  'Twas fun.  The afternoon just seemed to fly by and it makes you feel "so good".....  Funny how pain seems to dissipate when it isn't the object 
  8. focused upon......muscles seem to relax, mind wanders and things just seem to fall into place

  9.  I have never used faux bone so this first time was trial and error, but I am pleased with the way it turned out..  The first picture is after the shape was cut out, the holes drilled and then molded slightly to rest slightly away from the body.  Sorta half moon shape.

  10. Next will be a bracelet.  I have a couple of ideas in it will be interesting to see if it works...  If
  11. it doesn't then it wasn't meant to be....

  12. Fortunately I was able to use the tools, embellishments, etc. that I had along with my husbands power tools...that was a plus.  Men always look at me strangely when I am "looking" in Lowes, Home Depot,
  13. etc. as if I am in their "domain".... I love browsing all of the gadgets, tools etc.  Tools my father used,
  14. tools I grew up with, tools my husband uses.

  15. SO....enjoy   "Funky Cowboy"  1/1 
  16.    and Excuse the numbers over to the side.  I have no idea what I pushed to get them, so don't know how to get rid of them.   It is hard to go to a Mac....but I will get there little bit by little bit.  G-r-r-r-r-r.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.