Originality in Journals and Sketch Books

I love sketch books but prefer mine to be one of a kind....so I  have decided that I am going to make my own  front covers which is half the fun in my opinion.  Paint, mixed media, maybe a title, etc.   I also have purchased a couple from artists who do one of a kind pieces.  

You can use material, watercolor paper, tissue paper, ribbons and weave your cover, layered, encaustic.  With an artists' mind the sky is the limit. 

There is one that I just recently purchased which is small....and wider than it is tall which is just perfect for quick little quotes, sayings, or maybe just a word and than a sketch....  I loved the size, the cover and that the entire journal was handmade and bound by the artist.

I just recently purchased a piece of equipment which will spiral bind so soon I hope I can make a complete original piece.  You could use magnets to "close" or perhaps a beautiful ribbon that will wind around the book several times with some charms or lampwork on the end.  I love the little books that can be made that will open several different ways. 

I have a friend who makes handmade papers...and I have several pieces which she generously gave to me a while back... she is most definately an artist in her field.  I intend to use some of her papers in a journal along with some of her original hand marbled  feathers.       

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