Relating to Art

How one relates to art is "personal".  We all see art differently and it most generally relates directly to where we are in our own life and love of art.

Blobs of paint on a canvas takes us to a different level than looking at a masterpiece....  One is free formed and the other tends not to leave much to the imagination.  Sometimes it is fun to let our "inner child" come out and be playful as we observe anothers' art.  It could be something we like or something we just can't see, but it is personal....and should not reflect upon the artists' ability or non is their expression in art form.  Art sometimes is very controversial;
once again our personal opinion becomes formed...and in talking to others who might have more insight could be the key to changing or reinforcing  our first opinion.

I personally love art that is not straight forward.  Maybe this is why I love the world of altered art, of inner expression.  I love art/painting which are not rigid and straight forward, but leaves room for me to enter and wonder and lets me become a participant. 

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