Creativity and the release of creativity tends to be different with different people.  I love to interact with other artists who are as dedicated to "art" and have the same interests that I do.  I do not feel that I am selfish with my art.....I love to share what I know, how I do things, what works for me and listen to others who are also willing to unselfishly share their excitement, findings and

There are many forms of art that interest me.  Painting is my first love followed by photography, and mixed media preferably leaning towards assemblage. 

My creativity comes from conversation with others, letting my mind wander, going to art galleries, etc.  It comes from participation and sometimes  alone-ness.  (Is this a word?)   Art is also a part of my dreams at night so it has become important for me to keep pencil, paper and a flashlight beside my bed. 
Creativity also comes from sharing a new procedure, a new product, a new artist,  technique, solving a problem, etc.  A bonding of artistic souls who are all headed in the same direction...and the willingness to work together as a group and alone.   I love to take a product/topic of conversation and explore it's use, options, etc.  The exploration of a brand or item which provides the easiest accomplishment not only for me but for others.  We are all different so what works can also be different and helping to find this for others and myself would  have to be the ultimate high in a day---- that good feeling that spreads inside....

I love exploration and really miss my California students.....their enthusiasm sparked mine....their excitement sparked me, and their accomplishments made me feel so good, so alive.  And I thank each one of them for the sharing of art that we seemed to have together.

Am I the only soul who has these goals? 

Happy "arting"............

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