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Gene Waggoner is one of my newest found artists and I am loving his designs. This is one of his designs which was an "extra" so I got to use my own artistic license when I painted it; which I normally do even when
an artist provides their palette of colors.

I painted this piece on a small 4" x 6" Sharks canvas, then matted in green and framed in white.

I love reading the techniques of these great artists of yesterday, their instructions, colors they use, and as with Gene the MANY learning bits of information that he provides. A beginning student can learn a lot from this gentleman who is from Oregon.

Although Gene uses oils it is easy to follow and convert the instructions as well as the colors into acrylics when using artist grade tube acrylics in one of the widely used brands.

(In one of his books he did a design of the Psycho house which I will do one of these days as it is just the neatest).

In the town in PA where I was born and raised there are a LOT of old Victorian homes with gingerbread galore so I was delighted to find Genes books to kinda practice and get some experience before I start with my own designs. Learning his views on perspective, etc. I will be going back this summer for 2 weeks and my camera will be clicking away.

To the best of my knowledge I think Gene has 5 books. The first couple are published by Sue Scheewe and are in the 80's. Every once in awhile you can find his books on Ebay, which is where I found and purchased mine to add to my collection.

I am presently working on another of his "free designs".

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