For some reason the number "3"  is bouncing around in my life and I have a friend, who would tell me; "pay attention" for whatever reason....might be a good one.  Her life of late has been revolving around the word "bear" and I know she is researching...

SO....the bracelets that I have been making are #3 ??? and I want each one to be an original and different in some way.  I have 2-3 listed on Etsy and will be adding them as I finish.  I could do several a week, or maybe none for a month.... I do the art that appeals to me when it appeals to me.  That is when I feel I do my best work.    

On a visit to a military surplus store (these are wonderful places to find "things" for art) to pick up some brass zipper heads I found this gorgeous brown twine that is thin and will definately hold its shape being nylon.  This twine has been worked up with crochet stitches for a Steampunkery Gothic Day of the Dead cuff type bracelet, with silver jewelry items.   It is ready for me to begin putting it together keeping in mind that the focus will somehow relate to the 3.  Right now I have nine jewelry items and 3 x 3 = 9.   It is inspirational to take something like this; just for the heck of it, and run with it to see where it might,,,,,or might not go.

It is nearly 3 AM //// honest, all kidding aside; which seems to be my normal bedding time of late.

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