Copyright 4-13    Diana Putnam
My mother used to make salt dough for me when I was younger..... I loved Play Dough....and the smell of each was unique.    This was my introduction to "sculpture" with clay.

I love sculpting and playing with polymer clay.  It is something that is easy and creative to do while relaxing and watching tv in the evenings.  I like to keep busy...and feel it helps the dexterity of my hands and fingers.

I really enjoy sculpting the roses and when you use
the metallic clay the roses almost look real to the touch with a velvet textured look.

Since I have not done a lot of clay work I normally pick up what is on sale but prefer the firmer clays as my hands generate a lot of heat and I find with some clays I have to continually put it in the refrigeratior to stiffen up.  I also  have to put it in right before baking so that I can do a last quick shaping, lifting and lowering petals and elements
so that they hold their shape a little longer when in the toaster oven.

For some reason I am intrigued to try some clay in a mixed media piece so I have been thinking of a theme that would work....  

My mother used to make salt dough for me when I was a little girl and then there was play dough.  I loved the SMELL of Play Dough.

Guess I need to pull out a brick of clay and set it by my "night chair" to tempt me into working with it.
It might be fun to make some "elements" for a bracelet....or maybe a pin?  A paperclip book mark?
Endless ways to use this artistic medium.

:Copyright 4-13    Diana Putnam

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