Special Etsy Experience

Christmas time is drawing near so I am more aggressive in my browsing looking for handmade gifts for family and friends.

I hearted a neat mixed media design by Natalia who lives in Amarillo, Texas and her Etsy shop is 

I am just starting in Mixed Media and also work a little with collage photos so the piece I hearted which was an ocean landscape intrigued me.

The next day I received an email from Natalia telling me that she had picked up the last issue of a PaintWorks magazine many months ago and was drawn to the design Swirling Fog.  She was just beginning to paint and used the design to create a more dimensional piece as a Christmas Gift for one of her daughters' teachers.  (She  has 2 "precious daughters").   She had just recently picked up the magazine again and had stopped at the same design....which Yes, was mine.  She recognized my name and was so surprised that I would be drawn to her work as she had been to mine in PaintWorks. 
She sent me the nicest email and included a photo of her interpretation of my design.

On a Painters' Yahoo group that I belong to I had just recently written how much students have had an
impact on my life....and here is proof of how two artistic souls can be joined.  Such a neat thing to have happen...  With as many vendors/shops on Etsy what are the chances of this ever happening?  

She lives in Amarillo with her husband and 2 daughters and has lived in several different places and countries and was an interpreter and translator of  TV shows for television channels.  She now is able to
devote more of her time to her unique and beautiful style of art.  She says she is inspired by colors, good music, nature and smell.

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.