Glass Frog Paint Brush/Tool Holder

My workspace on my table is limited and I wanted/needed to have something that could "hold" the brushes I was using on a project as well as tools ( quick to grab)  and not take up a lot of space.  Something sturdy and substantial.    My solution were vintage glass frogs...... I LOVE THEM and they work perfect.  I have several as I also collect them.    I have two on my painting table.  One is for my brushes,  and  the other I use for my stylus, graphite pencil in black/grey and white, a couple of q-tips, my stylus pen, and then fill in the remaining holes with my specialty brushes.  i.e.:  mops, dry brushes etc.   I love "recycle" when it is this pretty, this small, and  fits so easily into your purse, painting bag, etc. to take to a class or when traveling.   The brushes are straight up and down so they really don't take up much space and are easily identify-able.

These frogs come in different colors as well as sizes.  I have some that are depression glass green and pink that I just love......and how neat to have something pretty, creative and clever to "recycle" and use.    You can purchase these at grange and estate sales, antique stores and I have even found them in thrift stores so keep your eyes open.  

I also use these when I am working on jewelry pieces to hold my pliers and they also work great when you are working on mixed media pieces, watercolor pencils, colored pencils, micron pens, etc.  

HOW NEAT............

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