Debbie Cotton's New and First book

I hope that Debbie doesn't mind me posting this....but I am so excited as a "consumer".  80 pages of pure delight;  reminiscent of books from some of my favorite yesterday painters that cared about what they did, how they did it and how it would "help" those who purchased the book  information wise.

 This book is just magnificent in quality.... and what is between the front and back cover?  Well let me tell you ...  you WILL NOT be disappointed.   Tips, techniques, step by steps, brush information,  and a variety of different designs.  It is definitely an experience and great learning  for those who are beginning to paint.

Debbie has gone that extra mile to make this first book one you  will remember, cherish and will delight in ; not to mention wondering what her next one will be like.  The book is a treasure, and a keeper.  

So congratulations Debbie.  You HAVE to be proud, you deserve to be proud, and others who purchase this book will be delighted when they receive their copy.

Go to: to order yours and support the efforts of this great artist. 

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