Revolving Utensil Caddy from Walmart

About 3 years ago when "browsing" at Walmart in the area
where they have plastic household items I found this awesome, heavy rubbermaid type plastic,  revolving,  utensil caddy on a little turntable base.  There are 4 sections around the outside and one in the middle.  You can see how many brushes it holds.  I took a lightweight medical white tape and wrote down:  Flats, Filberts, Rounds, and Bristle Brushes for the four outside section Labels and on the inside circular section I keep Specialty Brushes.

It sets up on one  of my wall shelves and are my old....non
Dynasty Brushes that I can grab when in a pinch.

WORKS GREAT and didn't cost an arm and a leg.  Bed, bath and Beyond, Target, etc.  also may carry it in their kitchen items.  Keep your eyes open as you are doing your
Christmas shopping for this neat little brush caddy for YOU.

Our local WalMart still carries this item so you may have to scour the different house ware  departments to find the item....I would imagine stores are set up differently and some stores might carry and others not.  I saw a big difference between our WalMart here and those on the East Coast.   You might also
check our the revolving tv caddy unit which could also be used for your brushes.....  One just needs to
"look outside the box" when looking for items that will "work" in our little studio sanctuaries.   


  1. these are not in any Walmarts in Florida...where do you live?

  2. This revolving utensil caddy was purchased in Bend, Oregon. I have seen
    similar caddies in both Bed Bath and Beyond and Target.

    Our store is in the middle of a "re-do" so things are literally all over so I don't know if I can find them or not...but I will look.




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