It is 2:00 AM and I had decided it was time to go to bed (I am working on a commissioned 8' cross cut saw.  I turned around and when I did I heard "something" swoosh to the floor.... ye, Gad's....was my first
thought, my second and third.  I had knocked over the paper plate that I use for my palette (I am standing to do this piece) and NATURALLY it landed upside down/paint down on the carpeting (brown, beige, green with a few specks of black) that is on my floor.  Very "gingerly" I picked up the plate and sure enough....not only did paint get on the rug but it was PAYNE'S GREY........  Now What???  Just what I DON'T want to think about or do at 2 AM.  So my mind ran through what I "might" use and I decided on a product that I  purchase on a regular basis for tough stains called "Grandma's Secret Spot Remover".... When I looked at the instructions the first removal item was "PAINT" and I most definitely had that.  I laid a paper towel on top of the paint and pounced my hand a little to blot the most of it up....then I squirted on some of the "Secret Spot Remover" and left to get myself a good stiff drink of Pepsi.

It ended up taking me about 3 small applications for a spot about the length of your little finger and as wide as a thumb....but I be doggoned it  removed the paint out of the rug.....and just a VERY faint
spot.....  I was amazed, thrilled, delighted and excited that it had worked...

I purchase this at Hancock Fabrics where they most generally have it in a wicker basket on their check out counter, and my last bottle I found at with misc know how JoAnnes is...
you can never find things where you would expect them to be.....  It is a tiny little 2 oz bottle, and a bit
pricey but when it saves clothing stains and my is a very practical investment.   The bottle is white, cap black and there is a picture of a little grandma on the front label....which is a real light yellow.   It is thick and creamy clear and you don't need a lot so it goes a lonnnnng way.  I only used about a teaspoon on my Paynes Grey mess...... Maybe tomorrow when I am refreshed again I will take a photo of the bottle so you will know what you are looking is not an easy product to "find"...
Oh and by the way for those who like to try and fault it IS ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE.... NON TOXIC, no chlorine and biodegradable.  There is a website listed

Just thought this was a product worth telling about....for any of you who might like to save a few dollars
with "paint" spillage, splashes, daubs, etc.

So now I can go to bed and go right to sleep and not worry about a stain to remove tomorrow...YIPPEE.


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  1. 1000+ Stain Remover, formerly known as Winning Colours is my go-to choice for all's my miracle cure d:)



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