Handmade Journals by ME….on ETSY


I FINALLY got all of the journals I have created to date in my Etsy store for sale….well almost all;  I think there are 4 more to photo and add.

On each item there is a something specialness ….   Many of the journals have incorporated into them other artists work and most of the items I use are Etsy purchases; because I really DO believe in Mom and Pop-ness.  I love handmade….unique, special, different, out of the box, one of a kind, specialty, pieces that say that the user or the buyer took extra time and effort to choose something special for their own or someone elses' personality or in some way connected to lifestyle.  Some of my journals will have vintage pieces worked into them, handpainted feathers, beautiful laser fretwork, pieces of nature, or maybe just a theme….but it will be unique in its' very own way.  And…. who doesn't love things that are special and make us or another feel special…a cut above??

My journals are "created" not done….and some lay for weeks until the final pieces are found and added.  I don't duplicate.  I may use the same materials because I really like the item (i.e.: the fretwook wings and skeleton), but done in a different way.  I take photos of what I have done as reference inspiration for a custom order which helps me move along.

I also have handpainted journals which have blank paper inside and are incorporated into a ringed binder which I really LOVE the idea of as it leads another artist to embellish the inside exactly to their own specifications…..to add their own touch to the piece to make it totally THEIRS….  A fantastic small sketchbook for the spiritual hearted soul in your life.

Somewhere I read the words Personal Bible and I thought how apropos … and that is what seems to be happening to/with the one I am working on for me….. Most of my words that are coming from deep inside … words that pertain to me, my place in life, (be it age, location, hobby, beliefs, etc.)  And the self therapy that is derived is surprising as it grows, takes shape and becomes…..and I find I enjoy going back and reading what came "out" say a week or so go.

My journals will find their right home…..and is why I have taken the time to explain the technique, time, and creativity that goes in to what I put forth to sell…it is all special to me.


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