Light Orbs

This past week I have had the totally awesome experiences of "what is" spiritually in the known of unknowns……….the magics that many of us are in the dark about in the world of light.

I had the ultimate priviledge of meeting and talking to Dharma Cohen who is the author of the book "Calling all Orbs".   Dharma lives in the Mt. Shasta area of California which is a very spiritual and diverse area of eye opening retreat experiences.  

I was immerged into some eye opening experiences so I can only share with those of who you dare to believe…….a couple of untouched photos I took when at the base areas of Mt. Shasta.  I have photos taken at Panther Meadow and also McCloud falls that show how amazing these light orbs are as they make themselves known to us in the mysterious magic of the unexplored…..  For those of you who would like to know more about Orbs please search out Dharmas' book and let her take you on her journeys of experiences thorough photos and knowledge.  My eyes did NOT see the orbs until I downloaded my photos from my camera upon coming home to the computer and the shivers of delight and total disbelief of this lifes' mysteries continue…..that "I" had unknowingly captured.

And following are the photos I took….The photos are "un-touched" …..    Click on the photos to enlarge and see what my camera saw and captured in larger proportions and ENJOY….

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.