Handpainted Journals

I purchased 6 of these journals to see if I liked them……and just went back and ordered 6 more as they are really nice quality and I like the before and after…. I was able to get all 6 painted today and enjoyed the hours at my table listening to music.   As you can see what is unique about these journals are they are 6 ring binders, small, leather tie and brass leaf which matches the embossed leaves on the journals.  The cover is a sueded material but the edges of the leaves are a smooth shiny leather that is really nice.  I like the way the journal has a large and small side that provides a nice off center look to the journal.   The inside paper is camouflage tan which I like soooo much better than white.  When I fill the journal….I will be able to cut and punch my own paper to go back in so I love this option of a "re-cycleable" journal….  I have painted roses on 5 and a hydrangea on 1.  They are painted with Enamel acrylic paints and I love the way the background provides a natural looking shading to the rose.  The blotches that you may see on some are the flash of the camera reflecting the Diamontd Spray I used to add just that TINY bit of sparkle and bling……and best of all it IS NOT GLITTER that is shook on and comes off.  They are listed on Etsy so I can get a "feel" for how well this type does….  I think this will be a Christmas present option for friends this year.

The next ones I paint will be different from these……

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