There are a lot of tools and gadgets out there for "doing something" and when I came upon this idea
(or at least it is a NEW idea to me) I wondered if it was going to be something I would really use….and for me it is a BIG YES.  I have a REALLY NICE pistol grip dremel (not even made any more naturally) and it was such a HASSLE to fight with changing the type of tool from one to another it was just something I didn't want to take the time to spend TRYING to change it with always NO LUCK.

Once a year I treat myself to a pedicure in the summer and I don't have my nails done so I was watching this manicurist use this and I questioned where she got it….etc.  I went on to AMAZON and there was this one……AND in pink…how much fun is that….and sanders to use as well as the other metal tools…..AND all of my dremel tools fit on this machine.  YAHOO I say….  I use it when I work with clay which is what my current creative outlet is based so I use this to drill holes, buff or polish when done,  and sand down rough edges.  I LOVE that the tool can be held like a pencil….it is really
light weight, in a second I can switch tools and I am REALLY happy with the amount of tourque it puts out on the maximum setting.  There is not just high and low with a click but the exact speed you want for what you are working on.

This one was under $50 complete with tools, manicure kit, sequins, etc.  Well worth every penny I spent.  It is compact as you can see……and how neat that it is pink????

But any who……I just wanted to share a super duper tool for all creative artists who can use a little electric drill like this.

Tomorrow I will be back at it.  One of the things I am making out of clay is a spirit doll….I have had the inspiration to do one for ions it seems…and now just feels like the right time in my life.  The very first one will be mine and based maybe on just what is inside me…and I can use the solitude, along with some soulful music to get the ole ball rolling and see what happens….

On Etsy I sell rubber stamps for clay so this is actually the first I have REALLY worked with them to
 do an actual project and I am so thrilled with the results.  I also tried different brands of clay to see which I like the best and so far it is Fimo.  I like the little bit of flexibility that this clay has after firing…more of a rubbery feel which I like.…  Every artist has their favorite "somethings" and is part of creating your own style…..  Sometimes it takes a waste of money but somehow in the long run I think that it works out….

I will post my Soul doll which I am goins to call Salina….and she is a beautiful shade of pale turquoise blue and she is going to be a wall hanging or an inside in front of an open window….windchime.  We shall see.  Seems nothing ends up the way I think in the beginning they will…..

BUT ANWAY….great artist tool…..

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