Painting Altered Art

I have been seeing this statue in a lot of different forms, shapes, colors, etc. so I decided I wanted to see what I might do….. and since I was working on a serenity area… neat would this piece be???

The only surface I had that was the size I felt I needed was a barrel stave so I decided it would be a start as I worked with some colors, shade and highlight colors, etc. and found I like the finished piece and already know where my next one is headed….and will also be done on a barrel stave until I come up with something different.  I want this blown up and I am thinking it would be great painted on the wall……  interesting concept and I am pretty sure it is going to "happen"….  I love the Japanese writing that is on one of the papers worked into the piece, the swarovski crystals in copper and the wiring I did…..  I am pretty sure it is done….  Have an email in to a vendor who does handwrapped canvas onto board with extra fine portrait grade canvas hoping he can come through for me and do some special wraps for me……

Have a few projects on the horizon so I am hoping that I can remain constant….

Thursday was my 30th day since back fusion and I am still feeling pretty doggone good….but know whwat my limits are and adhere to them….not pushing myself … no need to.  Slow and easy...

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