Red and Green

Red and green together are favorite colors with some beige thrown in for a neutral so it is kinda neat to have red and green peppers on the windowsill over my sink which just creates a little fall scene.  We had a freeze so I had to bring inside the produce that did not have time to "ripen" on the vine.   I hope that the green peppers don't change to red ... 

The hot little harvest can remain there for indefinately ....  3 of the really crinkled and wrinkled peppers are from last years "crop"....  Just a fun little "thing" to do.  Brings a smile, and seems as if I always stop and turn them....see how they are drying...look for soft spots, hang if needed.....and feel the texture of the skin....  When I went to an artists' home here in Bend right after Xmas she had used artificial peppers as Christmas tree ornaments as it went so well in the turquoise and yellow room.....  Poppy color toned down by her use of art to subdue the colors ..... and yet transform her work.  

I have never done my own still life piece so I may need to rearrange a bit different and a couple of more elements for a "different texture" one that is soft and subtle....and maybe frame with a bright yellow... 
Hmmmmm....another "to do" ???

Have a spicy weekend.

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.