Monday Hunt

After making notes on items I would need for the Edison first stop was the Army Surplus store which didn't have what I needed....but had had it in the past  BUT  I did get some neat nylon cording, some small buckles, tiny glass capped bottles, patches and some lacing.  From there I tried a couple of Hunting Stores and ended up with only a couple of peacock feathers but I love them and will use.  My last stop was JoAnnes where I got some poster board to make some patterns, felt piece in a pretty brown and sage green, some colored pipe cleaners, and a grommet tool and grommets along with some very glittery green heavy scrapbooking paper.....  So now to do my pattern.....this is not going to be easy...I THOUGHT I had it all figured out....but after two hours of fiddling tonight I haven't progressed to far.....  The idea is what I think a good one so I just have to keep thinking, and trying....I am not one to give up...buuuutttttt......

When you are shopping and see something unusual, unique, etc. PICK IT UP..... because when you go back to get it.....GONE.....

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