Candace in Living Color

First of all inspirations for the Zentangle designs which I have been doing is from the book Zenspirations Dangle Designs and the author is Joanne Fink.   If you cannot locate the book let me know and I will order some to sell.....  Great book.

Last night I started and finished this Zentangle relaxing.  After I was done I used the Glamour dust paints and it just seemed to come alive.....  I gave the black and white and the colored one to Candace this evening and she was as excited with the black and white as she was with the I guess "no color" is also an option.......  FUN....

I have used the portrait grade canvas and left it smooth.  I used Micron and Sharpie pens (Micron Sakuras have different sized nibs) and then when I was all done I used the Americana Glamour Dust paints and I am just thrilled with the way it turned out.   I have some ceramic tag Christmas Ornamens and I am wondering how HO HO HO would look, or maybe the word Santa....  These would look great on so many different surfaces.......  And by the way the black matt was a package of 2 that I picked up at the Dollar Tree a few months ago....too good a buy to pass out and they are textured and really nice.....

Give your mind a a hanging tangle....  And for some reason.....when I do this I think of circus and clowns....strange.... but aren't most artists' a little less ordinary??

I tried the canvas' that I had prepainted a color for different backgrounds  and with the pens it isn't something I would recommend as the points on the pens are sharp so they pull up paint and clog the flow....the felt tip pens should work good though so keep these in mind....or acrylic paints.  I would use Americana on these.  Cardstock background pieces are available in a 5 x 7 size and if one could find a book of soft backgrounds these also might look great with the Dangles.....  AND how about doing this for your yearly Chrismas Cards?   

Try'll like it... and thanks so much Joanne for a WONDERFUL book.....a real inspiration to one just giving it that first try as I did.   When I find artists I love for whatever reason, you will find I scream their praises....but if I don't like I have a tendency to say that too.....which others find offensive.  Sometimes trying to be truthful is not the easiest of things to do.....and I hate to see people waste their money on something.....

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