Handmade Christmas Presents

Tonight I finished 3 handmade lampwork items which I am going to be making for Christmas gifts  and to sell.

The first piece is an Ipad stylis.  The tip is a lightweight rubber and I have added 5 large handmade lampwork beads.  They are a dark green and silvered ivory.  The spacer beads are "large hole" made by Tierra Cast and sold by Dragynsfyre on Etsy.

And photo #2.  A neat gift for the man or woman who likes beer and here in micro brew country and so many different types of beer in a bottle this item is a personalized item also.  The lampwork is
handmade barrel beads in a beige and silvered ivory and is more masculine than feminine so it is perfect for the man in your life

Photo #3 is a item that holds your keys and makes them easier to find....in your purse.  Just tuck the beaded portion on the outside of a zipper pocket with the beads over the edge (as seen below)...so that they are easy to grasp....with the keys inside and zipper zipped.  Helps being able to find your keys quickly in your purse.

  Since I have a wristlet that I use for my keys I am using the hook to attach to the zipper to help me unzip with fingers which don't work as well as they "used to".  3 handmade lampwork beads in light and dark blue are so pretty.....and Tierra Cast spacer beads were once again used.

The cost of the items will depend upon how many beads, size, spacers used and how many.

I have been stashing a lot of lampwork I have purchased through the years so I have a nice little supply to go to.......

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