Zenspiration Dangling Names "Hung out to Dry"

I purchased the very first Zentangle book that was published because I loved the concept of Zentangles but found it didn't help me do much of anything but frustrate me so my interest wanned.

Then I saw the book Zenspiration Dangles and I was once again motivated but just never seemed to get around to it....

This past weekend we went camping and so I took what I thought I would need.......only to find that the colored pens were all dry..... so I was forced to use the only pen that worked which was White....but it did what I needed it to do.....just in black and white.   LOVED IT....  I did my own "thing"....  used some of the dangles that were in the book but I can see that it is pretty much up to the artist to do....and I decided I wanted to do Dangles using the persons name....at least for this "round" .....  which was something that may be in one of the Zentangle books but since I don't have any but the 2 mentioned,,,, I feel it might be (or not be) my idea.....   I  feel that Zentangles should definately be related to the person doing and receiving....and so it is a "wing it and have fun" art technique that is personal.   I feel that "Hung out to Dry" pretty much says it all.........

Now that I am "home" I have rounded up colored pens from different "stash areas" and I have basecoated  two 5" x 7" portrait grade hand wrapped canvas panels.  One I painted a light aqua blue and the other is black and I am now really ready......  and anxious to see how things go with pens and canvas and of course I am going to be using other "things"..... one of which will be the Glamour Dust paints by Americana which I LOVE and try to use on just about everything I do if applicable and I am also going to try using glass and the Gallery Glass paints.... and maybe even some mixed media/altered art techniques..... I bet those will be pretty.  (It is going to be fun to see what "develops)    These might be Xmas gifts for friends and family as I think they will look awesome framed.....and maybe after the holidays I will take on some custom orders.  

I learned a lot from just what I did so this time (and I will do CANDACE again)  so it should run a bit smoother.  It is sooooo relaxing...and addictive you don't want to stop and it felt great.  A massage for the mind.....  

******* Excuse the lousy photo but for some reason even though I cropped the photo it shows not cropped on my blog .....must be something in the air tonight....

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  1. Oh gosh ... I love this! It was good that all the other pens were dried up LOL. Is that called serendipity?

    Amber :>)



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