As usual I get so excited to start some pieces that I forget to take a before and after..... so this is a semi before.  The statue was bronze colored when it was gifted to me...and the arm was broken off (which I have) but it i minus a I am going to work with this as is.

Just about the time I received this; on a group I belong to I had just signed up for a shrine challenge so this will be my piece.

I just finished painting it with Copper .... which actually is copper and will allow me to do a patina or "patinas"... as if it were SOLID metal. (The company also makes the product in several other metals).  I have also painted the eyes in green and for the second coat I used the Americana Moss Glamour Dust paints because I want the statues eyes to follow its recipient in a room......  There was some wear and tear that wasn't attractive on the black base so I have also painted it black using acrylic paints.

We are leaving tomorrow for 3 days so this will give me "time" to ponder..

I think that I am going to use Swarowski Flat crystals, I have some copper chains, and a cigar box that is really colorful that I "might" utilize.

Things most generally change as I start...  The shrine has to be done by the 30th of December but I cannot procrastinate and I think that I will
show the progression to this piece in this particular blog post so it is kinda in steps so if you are interested...check this particular post periodically......

I LOVE a challenge ..... sometimes.

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