Studio Update / Fall in Oregon

The vibrancy of reds, yellows and oranges here in the High Desert of Oregon almost hurts your eyes.  A beautiful season of the year....with red and green being 2 of my favorite colors.

I spent about 5 hours downstairs working in my room today and I can see the floor...  I have whittled everything down to about 5 containers I have to go through and then I am going to take a rest before I do some of the touch up work, some bits of wall painting I want to do,,,, think about a window treatment, etc.  I LOVE the way it looks so it won't be long until I can begin to take some photos.  I think I might start with some of the Tidbits or Accessories....then do room shots.

I have a painting area, and 2 areas that could be used for any of my other hobbies.  My sewing machine is down there and set up/or it can be moved.  I have a real skinny double drop leaf table that slid right into a small area which if needed can be pulled out and set up.  I have plenty of chairs as I am a BIG chair the shapes so mine are vintage and each different.   I took the big beautiful slab of wood that I purchased at a swap meet and my husband put it up low as a shelf so that the beauty can be seen.  Very little is on the shelf....  I love it.

I had a smaller twisted, knarled piece of wood that I purchased at the same time I bought the large piece so it is on one of the tables and I am going to do a mixed media piece with it.  Have been putting different items on the table that I think "might" work.  On the other table are my Steampunk Flowers for their next step so I am going to be "busy"; and have actually set my alarm for "early" in my terms...
of what early "is".  I have never been, and never will be an early morning person.

The room seems SO much larger now....and more inviting.  Running around in my mind is an idea for some of the women in my area down here who might want to all get together and spend one afternoon together doing whatever they want.... maybe work on Christmas gifts for friends/family members, learn something new, etc.  To find a day that "works" will be crazy so I am just going to pick a day and say "this is it" if you can come great, if you can't maybe you can arrange something so you can and if you can't maybe you can in the future.  Just a thought....but I think tomorrow I will work up some invitations.  I think there are about 5-6 who might be interested which would be great and a nice number.

My husband is glad his part is done...helping put up shelves....molding, etc.  God bless him.  He is the Best.

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