Thrift Stores / New Treasures / Ideas

Thrift stores have been opening up all over our town and so I have been trying to find time to get to the 
"new ones" as well as those which are my most favorite.

Last week in one of the new ones I found these glasses and was so excited when the clerk told me they were $2.00.  I couldn't believe my luck and I am anxious to begin "altering them".  I know what I "think" I want to do but I know that things have a "way" of changing once I start the process.   The lens portion is on a hinge and they flip up or down...

Today I was able to go to another new one and found some nice large;  but not deep tins,  for a quarter as well as small bags of vintage buttons, and children's Simplicity patterns all for the same price.  I use the tins for storage in my studio using my trusty Dynamo labeler to identify the contents.  

There were several wooden yardsticks in the store and I picked them up....but set them back down as I had no inkling of what I could do with them until I got home and my husband was standing in my studios doorway looking at the door casing.....  I had my one wooden yardstick hanging and he was saying we needed to so something about the doorway, at which time he removed the yardstick and laid it where the areas were that needed "help".  Little did he know he had just discovered my "type" of a solution......out of the box, different, eclectic, etc.    Tomorrow on the way to get his MRI we will stop and purchase the yardsticks (and I HOPE they are still there) and I will have a neat artistic solution to the problem.....   They will be nailed over the bad area and will work just perfect.  I think that I will stain and varnish them before we put them up.....  With the nail gun it will be a simple, quick job.  I love how things sometimes just seem to happen....maybe because it is not a normal solution?  

Lately I have been able to find items in my "look for" book that I keep in my purse along with the color swatches of the colors used....  There are easily over a dozen places between thrift and consigment stores. 

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