Jewelry Line

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This is Edition #1 of  a line of jewelry I am hoping will "attract" those wanting something that is not mass produced....but hand made.  There are approximately 20 designs per "set or series" and I will be making pins and necklaces with the designs.

  I love the way these first ones turned out so I wanted to "share".... making one for my closest friends and family members.    I chose each design based on something that reminded me of the person I was making the pin for  ie:  color of hair, stance, dress, expression on face, or a personality trait that some how "came through" in the design.  So each one has been personally handmade and chosen especially for the recipient.

These jewelry pieces will be going to the Boutique Gallery back East and if I have extra I will list them on Etsy.

I have a design series that will be coming up in May or June of 2013 at which time I will be adding another item to the jewelry line as the designs are appropriate for male or female, are quirky, artistic, and FUN.

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