ORganiZatiOn = Time

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Since becoming more organized I find myself "looking less" and finding quicker so my next step is to
have TO DO lists for the "week".   This allows me a little bit of lee way in what I do each day based upon "life" for that particular day re:  weather, in the house time, etc.

I am keeping a book in my purse so that when I am the one "sitting" waiting I can be doing something constructive during this time instead of reading the only magazine at least 10 times.  I HATE that.

Only by repitition am I going to get a habit so it is wayyyyyy past time for me to start but I feel it is important that I do it will be.

I LOVE trees and this one is such an interesting one and one I will probably incorporate somewhere along the line into an acrylic canvas painting....  It has a nice composition, I love that it looks dimensional,  that there is a lot of negative space and the "leafing".....   This will be a fun tree....

10/30 Today I began a painting using this tree as the center of interest.  It is being painted on a long, thin canvas and I am enjoying the fact that I feel comfort in piddling with this piece.    I put in a couple of clouds using artistic license......and will be adding some atmospheric interest.   I am using several different "types" of brushes and am anxious to see what works the best for the effect(s) I want to achieve.    Till tomorrow...

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.