Neck Scarf

Last year I knit some short, very soft neck scarves with a very simplistic design.  It was not what I really wanted but I was pleased with the results.  Since this time I have been hunting for and finally this past week found a pattern that was exactlywhat I was really looking for ; so I am back to knitting needles in the evening....  

The same garter stitch is done on the edges but in the middle is a really pretty cable which cascades like a vine...and the scarf is the same on both sides so there is no right and/or wrong side to the scarf.  I also learned a neat trick I will HAVE to remember for beginning and ending a row so that it is even and straight....

 Once the knitted portion of cable and garter stitch is done you pick up your crochet hook for a VERY pretty lacey outer portion to the scarf.  The pattern is going to produce some VERY pretty scarfs that I can give as gifts at Christmas.  There are only 28 stitches for the kint portion and every row is the same except for the cable turn row so it is easy, quick, and I can take it with me and not have to tote the pattern as it is easy to remember.  

Now I have to find that perfect pattern for just a lightweight type bolero, shawl, "something" that will keep my shoulders and upper arms warm ......  I just love these little wraps that I am seeing in all of the stores as I browse for Christmas gifts.

 Downstairs I have several different projects I am working on .  A canvas,  my steampunk flowers which are in their final "glue and stamp" stage,  and spools for an online swap that I am NOT real happy with so I have laid it aside.  It seems so nice to be able to move around and work on several different pieces of art.

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